Neil Young Song "Let's Roll" where can I find It?

Is this song available on any of Neil Young's albums? I have looked for it, found the lyrics but can find a purchaseable copy. Any help would be appreciated.
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I believe it is on the Are you Passionate CD which came out a couple of years ago.

I checked, it is on this album and Amazon has it.

The album is a middle of the road neil young cd. not great, but with a couple of excellent songs.
From the album, "Are You Passionate."
Check out $18.98
That's on the "Are You Passionate?" LP. It's a two record set. I have it on Vapor Records 9 48111-1. Don't have a clue about a CD but it's a newer release and should be available in any record store.
Lugnut, thanks a ton!
thanks to all it is on order!
I find it sad that, Neil Young, a Canadian musician whom I admire very much, fell for the obviously bogus propaganda of the American political/media machine and believed the stories of 9/11. Cell phones don't work above 8000 feet in a metal aircraft travelling 600 MPH. And before you say the passengers used airphones, that story doesn't stand up either. There's no airphone in the lavatory, where Ed Felt supposedly called from. And besides, the song is pretty lame.

Sorry, but you're full of it. I'm not going to waste time researching the names but one of the White House big wigs lost his wife, an author and Fox News contributor, in one of the planes. He recorded the two or three calls she made to him on her cell phone. She knew that two planes had flown into the twin towers and was awaiting the same fate and spoke with him until the end. Neil Young is an honorable man and nobody's fool. Of course, if you believe in this particular conspiracy theory then the fact that she was a Fox News contributor probably makes you believe it all the more.
Lugnut, you obviously didn't read the link I posted. The following is a quote from it: "Barbara Olson called her husband, Ted Olson, the solicitor general of the United States. [using an airphone]". As far as conspiracy theories go, the most unbelievable is the official 9/11 story. Recent polls indicate that half of New Yorkers agree with me.

Do you realize the extent of the conspiracy you are suggesting? How could so many people have received calls from loved ones and it not be a real event? Were these supposed to be government agents imitating these loved ones? Do you think you could receive such a call from and imposter and believe it? Not one family member that received a call from a loved one doubted that it was real. Yeah, I read the entire link which exists solely to sell a book. If these weren't real events perpetuated by real Saudi terrorists then tell me where all the planes and passengers are and what exactly flew into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and dug a hole in the ground in Pennsylvainia?

All of the references about cell phone technology not being able to speak plane to ground is in a context or reliability, not that it cannot be done. According to family members many of the calls were dropped repeatedly with transmission quality that was poor. Many calls were made for only seconds at a time resulting in repeated short conversations.

While some people may choose to believe anything bad about the US government and this administration in particular, I do not. It simply could not be pulled off as you would have us believe based on your marketing link. I do not believe that our government is honerable all the time. Quite the contary, speak of Ruby Ridge or Waco and we may end up on the same page.

You probably also believe that Richard Reid's shoes were not real either. Or the USS Cole was not attacked, nor the USS Stark. Perhaps the original Twin Towers parking garage explosions were done by the US govenment also during the Clinton years. Maybe none of the reported hijackers attended flight school in the US and not graduating. I guess that you believe their flight instructors were all lying about them not wanting to learn to land commercial jetliners but only to fly them. I suppose you also believe that OBL's statement of responsiblity for 9/11 was a US government hoax too. You sir, are promoting a proposterous position. I'm outta here.
Neil Young's "Are You Passionate" album is one of my favorate albums. His guitar playing on it is absolutely beautiful.I love it. Just listen to it a few times. Also Booker T. Jones plays on it which is pretty cool.
ASDF, it's hard to beleive a supposedly mature responsible adult could fall for foolishness like that! The phone call from Todd Beimert(?) was recorded. His wife listened to it later. The evidnece is overwhelming, but then again their are those Nazis out there that deny the holocost.

It's too bad someone as low as Neil Young was the one to take the last words of a great American and put them to music.
get a grip! this discussion probably belongs on one of those other sites you reference . . .
I actually like the rest of "Are You Passionate" and I'm a big Booker T. Jones Fan. The cool thing about Neil Young is that, like Frank Zappa, he never let anybody, including his record company, influence his art. His music is always changing and that is difficult for many fans who would like him to only play the kind of music that they like him for. The phone call issue is really the least of the suspicious aspects of 9/11. The greatest one is probably that in 2001 alone, 62 aircraft that had gone off course were intercepted by the Air Force within 15 minutes, while on 9/11, four travelled over an hour, with transponders turned off, including the one that flew for over 90 minutes before hitting the most heavily protected building in the world. If that doesn't get every supposedly mature, responsible adult who doesn't believe everything he sees on TV asking questions of his government, I don't know what would. I wish Neil had written a song about that. Sort of a followup to Ohio, only the ramifications are much greater.