Neil Young somewhere under the Rainbow

For someone who was on a mission to bring better sound to the masses several of his most recent releases have sounded awful. I've heard better recordings from friends taped cassettes. I looks like starting with Archive 2 old Neil has just started being the ultimate capitalist. Disc like this should be thrown in with some good release. It's even stretched to 89 minutes so it would be a double so much for his environmental concerns too.


I think crappy sound is expected with this bootleg series, more a love of the music than the SQ.

From Allmusic's Fred Thomas - "As with so many of the entries in Neil Young's Official Bootleg Series, Somewhere Under the Rainbow circulated as a rough audience recorded bootleg for decades before this official release, and professional mastering can only polish the raw sound quality to a certain point. For this kind of live document, the imperfections are part of the charm."

I'm not a big fan of "rough" bootlegs, but some finding it charming I guess.

if you're a fan and it's the only way to get this music, of certain artists want anything and everything they can get...