Neil Young remasters

Hello All,

On Friday I picked up a remastered "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere."
A little bright and forward for my taste.
What do you expect? Bright and forward is what's happening in popular music, and even to an extent in Jazz and Classical. People listen to Ipods. No one cares except us!
I have and enjoy the remastered "Harvest"
Very well done.
Love On the Beach. Essential and often overlooked.
Harvest and After the Gold Rush are great remasters.

I just listened to the re-mastered Self Titled CD. Although sound quality isn't as good as I would have liked, I didn't think it was bright or forward. I would characterize this one as a little muddy sounding.

BTW: HDCD encoded disc played through HDCD DAC.
Greh, I disagree. I bought Harvest, After the Goldrush and Everybody Knows this is Knowwhere.
Neil's voice is pure and centered. There is plenty of depth and the sound quality is very good.
I think they are very well done and well worth the $9.99 I paid for them.

Just listened to re-mastered "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere". While I wouldn't say it sounded bad or bright or forward something about it sounded strange but I can't quite describe or pinpoint the problem.

Again: HDCD encoded disc played through HDCD DAC.
Any reason to buy these if you have the 1st archive box set ?
Has "Harvest Moon" been remastered? That's one of my favorites.