Neil Young On The Beach

Now available on remastered CD (HDCD).
I'd actually never heard it before.
Sounds like a classic on one listen.
The best Neil Young album?
"On The Beach" is a great record. So, now that it's available on CD perhaps the vinyl price will be brought down to a reasonable level. I have every legitimate Neil Young album ever made and several bootlegs. Zuma would rate at near the top of my list because of "Cortez The Killer"; in my opinion, the best song Neil has done. Overall, I would rate "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" as some of his best work. Still, I can't imagine not hearing "Sleeps With Angels" occasionally in spite of the song "Piece Of Crap", which it is. "Sleeps" has some of the most heartfelt lead guitar work I've ever heard. "Harvest" and "Harvest Moon" are wonderful but only scratch the surface of who Neil Young is as an artist.

In Neil Young's biography "Shakey" there is considerable space devoted to the Neil Young archives which should begin to be released soon. Estimates of over 100 CD's of music is to be released over time. Apparently Neil Young has had the recorders running non-stop from the beginning. I only hope that I get to hear Buffalo Springfield "live" as reported in the book. IMHO, this is the best band that ever lived. Most folks don't realize how highly regarded the Springfield was by every heavywieght in the industry. It's sad that the only offerings made to the public were records where individuals recorded solo in the studio with the band created by the engineers.

Another interesting, but off topic bit of information is that Neil Young has been investing heavily (for over ten years) in a new recording/playback medium. As he would say, this should be "innarresting".
Where did you get this CD? It doesn't get released in the USA until August 19th.
Lp-I'm in sunny Scotland.
Thanks Ben for the heads-up. I only have Harvest and MTV unplugged. don't particularly like unplugged, but I really like harvest. I will have to check out this album.
How strange a US (well canadian) artist released first in the UK ?!
I agree with Lugnut. Buffalo Springfield were one of the most talented bands to come out of the USA. I remember the first time I heard "Nowadays, Clancy Can't Even Sing" I ran out to find the album and to this day, it's one of the best debut albums ever released.

Can't wait for the Live cd or album to be released.
You can probably by it now at or a similar online record store but it will cost more.
After checking I found it for 10.86 on CD and vinyl.
ahhh..... trans,reactor remastered. i love the guy, but his mid 80's stuff was mucho to be desired
I just looked at, too - and if I'm reading it right you can buy this on CD either remastered or as a replica of how it originally sounded on vinyl (not on vinyl itself as rwwear said above). This is in my mind a fairly staggering idea, if it's done right. I can't count how many CD reissues of old rock/folk/pop records suck because whoever is working on them doesn't realize that what they hear as "flaws" with modern ears was sometimes an intended effect.
Belay the message above, the "Vinyl Replica" edition is just the remastered CD in a faux-LP sleeve. Nuts.
I would strongly recommend his set at the 86 Bridge School Concert. He plays an acoustic set with Crazy Horse and jokes that its the set you thought you would never hear acoustic. A+