Neil Young Live at Massey Hall 200 g LP,

Hello peoples, just wondering if anyone has heard the 200g lp of Neil Youngs Live at Massey Hall yet. The CD sounded very good was wondering if they captured it or ruined it with this pressing. Cheers
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on a musical level this is as good as it gets (assuming you like Neil Young). also; these tunes were mostly yet to become the incons they historically this was a very special concert.

sonically this Lp is better than the very very good sounding CD; but as it is close mic'd of Neil and his guitar it does not have the space and depth that many Lps can have. the additional resolution of the Lp also reveals limitations of the recording. some passages are a slight bit rough. OTOH Neil's voice is in top form; very clear and very in touch emotionally with the music.

so it is not among the very best live rock albums i have heard sonically; but none-the-less an essential Lp for me.

so musically---5+ stars, sonically--3 and 1/2 stars.
I just received it and it sounds great. Better than the CD, IMHO.
Thanks for the response guys . I,ll order it then for sure . I am mostly a vynil guy but I did like the cd . Thanks again for the input ! Cheers
Love the music but Neil should cut a bit of the chat between songs.
Apparently the Reprise is exactly the same pressing but half the price of the Classic for those interested.
i like the chat! neil's the man!
I like the chat too Koegz! Heaven forbid a musician in a smaller venue like Old Massey hall interacting with his audience! Saw many shows there in my time and the interaction and the great acoustics of Massey Hall is what always made it special. Cheers
On this album his chat on top of retunings & guitar riffs drawn from other songs, is part of the poetry. The sound quality of the CD version is top notch, and the close miking is no problem with a solo performance. The story about Old Man is retold pretty much verbatim decades later in the filmed performance following his brain surgery.
So...both CD and LP sound great. Which should I buy ? Will the music sound better on my Rotel RCD-1072 CD deck (which is a HDCD player) or on my Rega P3-24 turntable ?
I've been listening to Neil's music for 38 years and this is some of his best. Too bad he waited 38 years to release it. Also seen him live about 20 times. On a recent tour, he spent a lot of time lecturing the crowd on being quiet. While I like it quiet too, and really resent the blowhards, I find it hard to take when a rock singer tells the people who pay his salary to be quiet and when they can enter the hall, etc. But, he is a great writer and guitar player.

If you are into vinyl, that would be the one to get.

Ironically, at the concerts that I've seen him with Crazy Horse, I wished *he'd* quiet down! Way, way too loud.

Don't recall any on-stage shushing from his acoustic concerts, but that was awhile ago. Probably getting cranky in his old age, so I'll let it pass.