Neil Young - Like a Hurricane

I've heard several times an acoustic version of this great song and I would like to know in which album I can find it in...any ideas ?

Several versions live but the only one that is not hard driving electric is on the MTV Unplugged album. Not my favorite version and probably not the one you're referring to.
Neil Young - Like an Ambien.
The original version was released on "American Stars and Bars" which has Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt guesting. Lovely ballad called "Star of Bethlehem" on this one, too. One of his better albums to me.
I think it on the newish classic records re release Neil Young greatist hits classic records 48935-1.My favorite version is from Roxy Musics album musique from about 1983,they have a live performance of like a hurricane, which I haul out now and again after more than 2 glasses of cabernet.
He did the song with Crazy Horse at Purdue University way back when. Had this big arsed fan pointing at him so he was standing balanced against the wind with his hair blown sideways while he did it, kind of neat.
to compare neil young to an egregiously over-prescribed and abused prescription sedative in an attempted pithy "one-liner" is just sad. LISTEN to his music. you may not immediately recognize his depth, passion, insight, poetic expressiveness and virtuosity but you may catch a glimpse.

btw, my theory is that in "like a hurricane" he's singing about a girl with borderline personality disorder. the unplugged version is great imho.
Musicdoc- I hope you were able to catch another breath because I think you wasted the first one. Neil's been around long enough that, if someone doesn't have an appreciation by now, it's not likely to happen. "Pithy" one liner...I liked that.
Thanks !!!!
If you want a goodie by Neil young, get Freedom.
American Stars & Bars circa 1974.
Here are a few more versions done by the Mission UK:
First Chapter (studio)
Salad Daze - the BBC Radio 1 Sessions (live)
Ever After (live)
Jay Farrar's (Son Volt) Canyon Band does a nice version of "Like A Hurricane".