Neil Young Interview

A long chat with Neil Young.

Neil Young's Archives.
When i have a week free ill read this maybe!!
Some audio engineer should write "Sweet Home Lossy Compression" as a response.

"Heard ol' Neil put her down...."
Mr. Young is always on point. Great article!
Young seemed oblivious to whatever improvements the high end crowd was doing with digital sound, and his hoping his Pono "Toblerone" gizmo would clean the earballs of the "great unwashed" proletariat was lame...and failed utterly.  Well recorded digital stuff heard on a decent DAC and well thought out ancillary gear can sound great of course...he's had a rough road with his kids and personal health issues, and I've always thought from his early days with Springfield on that he's an immense and original talent...but the whining of a super wealthy old man can be tiring.