Neil Young goes Blu Ray think it will catch on?

If others follow do you think it will stick? It would cool if they could actually release a lower level version that isnt balls out loud on some of the disc space....thats one possible advantage to all the space, also plent of room for extra concert footage and ofcourse videos so now that this is starting when do the modds start along with the $10K+ "Super" players...interesting.
Goldmund already has a $16,900 Blu-ray player out, they are already here....
"will be released this Fall".

I will believe it when I see it. The Neil Young archives have been up for release for about the past decade but each "new" technology that surfaces stops him dead in his tracks as he determines "is this the one I have been waiting for?" A few years ago it was DVD Audio that was going to be the technology, now it is Blu Ray - unless something new pops up in the next 4-6 months.

This is not a slam on Neil, I have been a fan for 40 years and I cannot wait to get my hands on the archives, I just grow weary of his quirks.
The archives have been a long time coming. This is probably for real. Neil Young has long been on record (no pun intended) about how poor CD quality is when compared to vinyl. I think it's just that he's been waiting for a digital format with sufficient quality. It's probably an artistic integrity sort of issue. He must be satisfied with the Blu-Ray quality due to its greater storge capacity. The last paragraph in the article really sums it up.
I have been enjoying Blu-ray for nearly a year - yeah I do think it will catch on ....eventually. Do I think you need to pay $17 K for a But I have tin ears...
I don't think you have tin ears Shadorne. You just use them more than some folks.
it is funny that hi end companies are already stuffing fondled blue ray innerds into beautiful metal shells and gearing up for the latest round of overpriced front ends.

Plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose...i quite agree with you.
IT would seem to me that BluRay has to be the successor format. Goodbye, DVD-A and SACD. It's already won the format war with HD-DVD and it has all the resolution anyone could ever need.

When it comes to the extras, I'm old-fashioned though. I still don't want my music media to show movies or videos. Or maybe I do and just don't know it yet.
I think Blue Ray will catch on for sure but shame on Neil Young for "rewarding" his loyal fans by finally putting archives out in a format most people don't have yet. This follows his "quiet please" and "you can't leave your seats" concerts of late. I like a quiet crowd myself but he goes to far. After being a huge fan for 40 years he is on thin ice for my continued loyalty.
Hey Azmoon. He got on thin ice with me with his 80s output. Trans. Re-act-or. Everybody's Rockin'. Landing On Water.

I admire any artist who experiments with with new sounds and technologies, but these were phoned in.

He has always had a tendency to disappoint his fans and torpedo his own career after every great success.

I take anything he does with a grain of salt and enjoy the great music he has made and, although I own copies of all the bad ones, they don't see my turntable often.
I know in the 80's he was dealing with 2 young disabled kids that were/are basically in need of 100% attention and he was doing it pretty much full time. I admire him for that. Of course he could have just not issued anything for a few years (a la Lennon) and I'm sure we all would have understood.

I agree with you - listen to the great stuff - there is plenty.
Man, folks get mad when nobody champions a superior and new format then I see folks giving shame to Neil for jumping early on a very promising cant win I guess.
Right, poor Neil. He just cannot win....