Neil Young - Barn Documentary

Great behind the scenes look at Mr Young and band at work...

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - A Band A Brotherhood A Barn (Official Documentary)


@larsman That is your position and you are entitled to it.

What Young did is BS and at the same time Rogan is entitled to that same right.

2 way street unless you are........

You can spew your hate, and political points of view all you want Mr Entertainer but when no one buys your music or not cry about it.

It Is Better to Keep Quiet and Be Thought a Fool Than to Speak and Remove All Doubt.—Empeco


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Love Neil’s music.  And he must dig capitalism.  Have you seen the pricing his record company charges for LP’s.  LOL!

@jerryg123 so you had a condo in Trump Tower? You knew who he was when you bought it right? I mean, the name kind of gives it away. When exactly did he become the things you and others claim he is? NBC and all of their sponsors did businesses with and because of him and millions tuned in weekly.  Oprah and Al Sharpton never had a problem with him before he became prez. The Clinton's didn't either. Why did he become a racist only after he challenged establishment DC and a media that has shown itself to be dishonest?

You and I agree on a few things though I think. Big government is dangerous and can become tyrannical and propaganda is real.