Neil Young - Barn Documentary

Great behind the scenes look at Mr Young and band at work...

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - A Band A Brotherhood A Barn (Official Documentary)


I have an affinity for Mr. Young. He isn't my favorite of favorites but he's right up there. Your post inspired me to put this album on. I've listened to it while working but that on a crappy blu tooth speaker. Tell me, when you listen to it, especially the first track, do you find the images reversed? In the video the accordion player is standing to the right but the album he is left stage. Bass player switches sides.

I was thinking about him recently when hearing of the passing of another music great; as they all will eventually. Where will he rank as far as influence throughout the music industry? This is a guy who lives music. I mean I think he wakes up with it foremost in his brain. When you watch him perform it courses through him. He's hugely prolific and I believe one of the best singer-songwriters alive. He doesn't really get spoken of when the topic of guitar players comes up, but I think he's truly top 10. According to many he inspired the grunge movement and the grandad of thrash metal. 

I think when the day comes it will be a sad one for many.

Thanks for the thoughtful post.  The points you raise may partially explain the rush to find music from the 70s/80s/90s that I may have missed.  I'm a fan of BARN and count it as one of my best recent adds to my collection along with the recently released recording of Mr Young's Carnegie Hall concert.


"He doesn't really get spoken of when the topic of guitar players comes up, but I think he's truly top 10". 

I like Neil's playing but "top ten"?  Really? Compared to singer-songwriters like Richard Thompson or Bruce Cockburn (not to mention Johan Mayer), Neil's guitar playing is pretty primitive. But perhaps actual playing skill is not the standard you're using... care to explain? 

Neil would almost need to be compared in a different category of guitarists.  Like grunge or hybrid grunge LOL - one thing for certain he is a rocker and has a consistent  tone when playing a rock song.  And that is very satisfying to me.

I was surprised to discover out that I have more NY albums than any other artist.

Neil definitely in my top ten live artists, would go see every time he came around. Heard Barn last listening session for first time, these guys can still rock. And I do like the fact Neil has a conscience and has the freedom to exercise it.


I'd agree Neil is different type of guitarist in that he is not the most technically proficient, yet he has unique style, so emotive! His wall of sound when wailing is awe inspiring to me! And yet he can be subtle and gentle at other times.Neil is one of the good ones, misunderstood at times, certainly an iconoclast.

@pops , @sns :

I agree. And when it comes to tunes like Like a Hurricane or Cortez, he's in a class by himself. No one can do what he does when he's deep into playing such tunes.



Neil lost me as a fan with his ignorant rants about HIV and AIDS.

He is dead to me and has been since the 80’s. 

He is as ignorant as Kid Rock.


@jerryg123 - I must have missed that. What did Neil say about HIV and AIDS?

I am no fan of Old Man Pebble, either!

@larsman here is a summary of what this vile old man said.

Now, public health comments Neil Young made during the AIDS epidemic are surfacing online. In an interview with Melody Maker in 1985, Young slid into a homophobic rant as he spoke about Reagan’s gun control policies and AIDS. In particular, Young called gay people ‘f—ggots’ and tied them to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. “You go to a supermarket, and you see a f—ggot behind the f—kin’ cash register; you don’t want him to handle your potatoes.”


The comments have since been republished by numerous other publications, including The Los Angeles Times and Rolling Stone.

Young has found himself on both sides of the political divide. In 1989 he wrote the anti-George H.W. Bush song, “Rockin’ in the Free World.” He was also one of the most vocal critics of George. W. Bush in the 2000s.

But in the 1980s, Young was a vocal supporter of Ronald Reagan’s policies. In the early days, AIDS was thought to be a disease spread by homosexuality, particularly by gay men, who were frequently targeted and ostracized. AIDS was even called the Gay-Related Immune Deficiency (GRID) for a brief time.


Young made those comments 37 years ago, but it also highlights how a person’s opinions can change over the course of nearly 40 years. The reaction online to these comments has been a bitter divide in what seems like a politically charged debate. Those who support Young say he’s allowed to change his views over the course of three decades. Others point to the hypocrisy of a grandstanding public figure.

“He was 40 years old at the time he made that comment, and hasn’t apologized for it since,” one commenter on Reddit blasted.

@larsman Un Edited.

Neil Young blamed homosexuals for AIDS:
In an interview with Melody Maker in 1985, Neil Young backed Reagan’s gun control policies and said of AIDS, “You go to a supermarket and you see a faggot behind the fuckin’ cash register, you don’t want him to handle your potatoes.” Needless to say, Young almost certainly regrets that horrific statement and quickly moved away from right-wing politics. He wrote the furious anti-George H.W. Bush screed “Rockin’ in the Free World” in 1989 and was one of George W. Bush’s most vocal critics in the 2000s. 

@jerryg123 - Thanks Jerry - yes, that was very stupid and hurtful. There was so much ignorance and homophobia surrounding it back in the 80's when it was first getting started. Not that there is any shortage of ignorance and homophobia today, but at least we learned a lot about the disease and how to manage HIV and prevent it from becoming AIDS; it's no longer a death sentence, thank goodness. 

I'd also wager that Neil realizes he was an idiot back then (too much blow can do terrible things to the mind!) and no longer thinks that way; I'm pretty sure he believes in science. And his annual Bridge School Benefits were a very good thing, both for the cause and for the music. So I'll cut him a little slack for some ignorance and vile language 40 years ago... 

@larsman cuts both ways. People now days cancel people for less. Especially if they are a conservative and wore Black Face to a party in college back in the 60's

This is one effed up world and the clowns in DC really muck it all up.

@jerryg123 really? 

Especially if they are a conservative and wore Black Face to a party in college back in the 60'

I don't know to whom you refer but the latest examples I can find are Justin Trudeau and former Va Gov Ralph Northam- Democrat both. Can your fake outrage be aimed anywhere else once in awhile?

@stuartk Yes, as you know this can be a very subjective. His guitar playing just does it for me. Raw and expressive. I don't agree with his politics, but I can still enjoy his talent. Unless he'd rather I didn't!😂

@dadork you get the point. I am apolitical and care less. Point is Neil is a scumbag.

Oh and Trudeau is not a Democrat he is a wimp and hated in Canada.

better get a better search engine. Fake outrage eh? Love guys like you.

Tate Reeves Mississippi.

Kay Ivy Gov Alabama

Pitman NJ

Sen Tommy Norment VA.

apology accepted dorkda.


If we discounted art for the failings of its creators the galleries of world would be a a patchwork desert and our record collections would consist of gaps interspersed with the odd LP

I thought this was a thread about Neil’s particular art form

No Neil Young in my collection or any of other hypocrites

so what’s the point sticking around in a thread discussing Neil Young’s music?

I don’t get it..


"If we discounted art for the failings of its creators the galleries of world would be a a patchwork desert and our record collections would consist of gaps interspersed with the odd LP"


I definitely haven't agreed with some of Clapton's public stances over the years but I'm not going to stop listening to the Beano album, Cream, Blind Faith, London Howlin' Wolf Sessions or Derek and the Dominos.  

@jerryg123 :

Reality is, we're all hypocrites from time to time. Like it or not, it's an imperfect world. 



I am so glad I can separate the man from the artist. I love Neil Young, love some of the things he says and disagree with him on others, kind of in the same vein as my family and friends and he/they have the right to say them and I believe I am better for hearing them. Enjoy the music

@stuartk Well I am not supporting that bunch. Regardless you can but not a dime of my money is going their way period.


@jerryg123 :

That is, of course, entirely up to you and I would never suggest otherwise. 

@jerryg123 :

Well OK. 

I don't say this to provoke you but as an creative person myself, I'd assert the primary function of art is not to entertain, but perhaps that's a topic for another day. 

You have every right to choose whom you want to support with your hard-earned dollar!  

BTW, I'm no N. Young fan-boy. I watched the Barn movie and thought it was incredibly self-indulgent.


@jerryg123 - I feel that human beings should say what they want to say. 'Entertainers' are people, not robots. They do not exist for the purpose of keeping you entertained. 


@stuartk no provocation. You have your position and I have mine. 

Same reason I sold my condo at Trump Tower in Chicago. He is an idiot and I will not support a clown like Trump or Young. 



@larsman That is your position and you are entitled to it.

What Young did is BS and at the same time Rogan is entitled to that same right.

2 way street unless you are........

You can spew your hate, and political points of view all you want Mr Entertainer but when no one buys your music or not cry about it.

It Is Better to Keep Quiet and Be Thought a Fool Than to Speak and Remove All Doubt.—Empeco


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Love Neil’s music.  And he must dig capitalism.  Have you seen the pricing his record company charges for LP’s.  LOL!

@jerryg123 so you had a condo in Trump Tower? You knew who he was when you bought it right? I mean, the name kind of gives it away. When exactly did he become the things you and others claim he is? NBC and all of their sponsors did businesses with and because of him and millions tuned in weekly.  Oprah and Al Sharpton never had a problem with him before he became prez. The Clinton's didn't either. Why did he become a racist only after he challenged establishment DC and a media that has shown itself to be dishonest?

You and I agree on a few things though I think. Big government is dangerous and can become tyrannical and propaganda is real.

@dadork when I bought it I did not know anything about his politics. In 2007 he was a Limousine Liberal from NYC building condos in Chicago. He was not the DJT that became POTUS.

It was not his politics that made me sell, it was the unethical treatment of friends of mine that were contractors on the TT Project by his management at Trump International.

The Fish Stinks From The Head Down.

@dadork I am principled not political. 


There is only one thing about Trump I dislike, his choice in hamburgers.

There is only one thing about Jumpin Joe I don't like. The hamburger chain he owns.

I don't have a single thing in common with either.

Trump didn't have a dog in the WH?

Joe got a cat.

Where is the dog, goat, rabbit, and chickens?

THEY BOTH pardon turkeys.

Trump got the lady out of prison that was there WAY TO LONG. Because Kim ask him to.

Joe left the people overseas who were never convicted of anything but being greedy and staying until they could suck every last cent out of the US tax payer. They got what they need. A big ol time out in "we hate America land". Greedy SOBs

I've played the game I know exactly what they did. I spent 89 days in a Panamanian Prison in a 4 foot cage. You get to pay when you play.. Thank GOD for payolla!! I love good old fashion crooked A$$ prison guards and a lying no account lawyer that doubled as a football coach at the local "BOYS" club.. pervert..

Midnight Express my hinder side.. 

So what's the real rub?

Washington DC needs to become another country and stay that way with every no account person in that country. I hope they get invaded by the Nova Scotians and forced into labor camps for 5 years or until they expire and got to HELL where they all came from.. Simple.. No mixed feeling here. Screw them ALL. 

NOW give me my money back.. with MY INTREST, a Rolls and a good lookin' chauffeur, "Farm Girl" will work..

Take the chickens for their first ride in the new Rolls.. Be a Rooster for a day..:-)

The last good president Eisenhower, Truman wasn’t bad except for the BOMB thing. I have mixed feeling on that one. Only because I lost an Uncle in Sicily he was a 24 years old sergeant. Andrew (Red) Barton.. My Grandpa never recovered from the loss.

At least Trump didn’t do the war thing and waisted all of MY money on that place and never recover a dime only PAY for our intervention.

Then Joe shuts off our own OIL supply.

I’m simple please don’t explain. I know what HE did was stupid.. He is one dumb bunny.

I’m running for president and I’m voting for me ALONE. I DO want to be a KING!

You know what your gonna get.. I get to pick the chauffeur. I like young smart people, a dummy or two is fine.. 




I was horrified by the chaotic withdrawal. But the fact is, it was Trump who originally agreed to it, not Biden!  I realize we all have out own political biases, but let's at least attempt to state the facts before we launch into our partisan squabbles.  


The Trump administration in February 2020 negotiated a withdrawal agreement with the Taliban that excluded the Afghan government, freed 5,000 imprisoned Taliban soldiers and set a date certain of May 1, 2021, for the final withdrawal.

And the Trump administration kept to the pact, reducing U.S. troop levels from about 13,000 to 2,500, even though the Taliban continued to attack Afghan government forces and welcomed al-Qaeda terrorists into the Taliban leadership.

During the withdrawal the media repeatedly stated the rate at which the Taliban overtook control was highly unexpected by US intelligence. I have no way to verify this but it seems highly unlikely that Biden would've committed political suicide by sticking to the timetable, had he known the Taliban's resurgence was likely to occur so rapidly. Politicians, whatever their party, tend to prioritize self-preservation above all else. 

BTW, I enjoy your contributions to the forum immensely. 

With respect,


A Google search for: 

Timeline of U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan +

will bring up a detailed description of steps leading up to the catastrophe. 

OK FOLKS - OP here - there are LOTS of places to talk about non-musical subjects.

PLEASE - let's return this to music.

Many thanks

Again, the GREEDY people choose to stay there. It had nothing to do with a president. Those people HATE the US. The people chose to stay (some morons even brought their families to that place) I hope they ALL enjoy the discomfort their greedy A$$ is costing ME right now..

What do you think Green GO means? It is not a derogatory term at all it means the guys in the GREEN uniforms need to GO.. Period..

My concern is the invasion that NO one is doing anything about on THIS country’s northern and southern borders. Cubans are welcome. If the boat makes it.. WELCOME to your new home.. Border jump, without papers.. PRISON, welcome to the US, your gonna WORK and rot there. Now you know how the Irish felt.. and STILL DO!!! If you didn’t ask and weren’t invited. GO HOME or work in prison, your choice.

Let ME catch ONE person from another country advocating "what ever it takes" and burning down cities.. or anyone for that matter. TRIAL? There would a trial all right. Just know your guilty, the trial is just to make it look American.

Worthless TURDS!! Not one of the smash and grabbers or LOOTER would ever get out of jail. EVER!!! Support that.. ALL life matters especially MINE. Everyone else comes right after ME.. WTFU that mean Wake the F%$K UP.