Neil Peart of Rush passed away

Tragic...a tragic end to a life with more tragedy than most with his losses in life....yet he gave and left so much a positive wave to ride for so many....A gift...a real gift....
Great drummer is an understatement.  Ground breaker, the first of his kind.  Countless have learned from him and copied him, an awe inspiring legacy.  We used to have air drum contests to Hemispheres!  My first concert at the Chicago Amphitheatre.  Geez the memories....

By all accounts a role model in life as well.  Going to head downstairs and listen right now.  Maybe Hemispheres, maybe Caress of Steel?  Moving Pictures?  Signals?  These are my favs but you just can't go wrong.  Just might do some air drumming.  :-}

Thank you Neil, RIP
I've seen every tour since Moving Pictures. Big fan. Saw them in Vegas on their last tour, Denver as well. As a drummer, what can I say? Not a drummer out there today that hasn’t been at least a little influenced by this man. Sad day.
RIP Neil Peart. I saw Rush perform Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, and Time Machine Tour (2012) and own their albums in many formats. My favorite band; provided this fan many happy memories. "One likes to believe in the freedom of music, but glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity." Peace.