Neil Diamond's Hot August Night in 44/24

I just sat through this legendary performance of ND's at the Greek in 1972. All I can say is - awesome! The remastering is fabulous and this hi-res download contains several tracks that could not fit into the original 2-disc set. A gem indeed for all Diamond fans!
What a great voice Neil has.I did not listen to much of his music untill recently,truly one of the greats.
That is a great performance. I didn't realize there were more tracks that weren't on the original release.

The additional tracks are :-
1. Gitchy Goomy
2. I Think It's Going To Rain Today
3. Modern Day Version of Love

:) J.
Wonder why it is 24/44 though?
Thanks Jon, again I have worn my MFSL copy down. I bought a live performance of him a few years back and his voice has definitely faltered over the years. Hot August Night was a sampling of the height of his career, and what a songwriter!
The other night I was looking around on Deezer and was surpised at how many covers of Solitary Man have been done, even found one in bluegrass.
Yes, Theo, his voice was at its peak then, and all that energy, and those great songs that he wrote which only he could sing the way they should be sung.
Would have preferred 96/24 or even 192/24 but that's the way it is.
SQ-wise, I A/B'ed the MFSL discs with the 44/24 format - for the ballads, there is not much difference between them but for the more energetic numbers, the MFSL discs can sound a tad sharp and light in the bass.
Theo, if you only have the MFSL version which I also do, there are 2 more tracks in the 44/24 download on top of the 3 already listed above :-
a. Walk on Water
b. Stones

Stones, as we all know, is a wonderful unforgettable tune.
So is Walk on water, ain't it like him:)
+1, Theo.
Jon, I was able to stream this version on Deezer, although the only 44k it does sound good, it was nice to hear the added tracks. Thanks for alerting me to these. What a performance that must have been to attend, I hope somewhere they are remastering a DVD or BluRay of this performance.
I checked out Deezer for the first time and found the site to have bountiful music, much more so than Spotify. However, SQ-wise, Spotify is a lot better. Could be the difference in codecs used. :)