Negotiate good price

I went to a dealer last week and listen to some really sweet pieces.  I was ready to throw down some coin but am confused about the dealers approach.  He comes in the room and says how is everyhting.  I say it is amazing this is just the sound I am looking for.  He says okay and leaves.  Comes back in 10 minutes and I am ready for hardball.  I sit back with my hands above my head in an inviting posture and say- can you beat prices that I see on Audiogon?  He says he will be right back- great i think he knows- I know my stuff.  Another guy comes in and says he needs to use the room for a client.  I say where is the other guy and he says he's on the phone.  So I wait in the lobby for 20 minutes and don't see anyone. I left my name on a paper and put it on the desk and ask him to call me with the best he can do on the system because I can buy some of it on AUdiomart.  I asked my wife and she thinks that's too hardball- maybe i should have lied and said I'm shopping around for best price.
Any info on how to speed pitch softballs?   
I don’t mind spending 4K with Toska audio because they treat their costumer more than fairly, good thing is , I live five minutes away.Its a blessing to have highend store with a very nice owner, with good gear too.
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If it were me, I would march in there slightly unkempt, lay down on the listening couch and tuck in my shirt

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I’m still new to all of this, but I thought a salesperson’s job is to sell.  Not everyone is chomping at the bit to lay down big cash (and from what I have seen, if you are considering equipment on Audiogon, you are looking to lay down big cash), so the salesperson needs to ask enough questions to determine the seriousness of this potential buyer and what he/she is looking to pay.  Whether the OP’s approach was sound or not, I think that is secondary to the need of the salesperson to do their job and see if a deal can be had.

Personally, I have not gone into any high-end audio stores because I know that I am not going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a system, let alone one piece.  And, as dill advised me, I don’t want to waste a salesperson’s time that could be better spent with an eager buyer.  That, and I don’t want to hear any equipment that leaves me feeling dissatisfied with the equipment I can afford.
“If I buy a car I show up driving the car on loan from a different dealer. He knows I have options.”

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