Negotiate good price

I went to a dealer last week and listen to some really sweet pieces.  I was ready to throw down some coin but am confused about the dealers approach.  He comes in the room and says how is everyhting.  I say it is amazing this is just the sound I am looking for.  He says okay and leaves.  Comes back in 10 minutes and I am ready for hardball.  I sit back with my hands above my head in an inviting posture and say- can you beat prices that I see on Audiogon?  He says he will be right back- great i think he knows- I know my stuff.  Another guy comes in and says he needs to use the room for a client.  I say where is the other guy and he says he's on the phone.  So I wait in the lobby for 20 minutes and don't see anyone. I left my name on a paper and put it on the desk and ask him to call me with the best he can do on the system because I can buy some of it on AUdiomart.  I asked my wife and she thinks that's too hardball- maybe i should have lied and said I'm shopping around for best price.
Any info on how to speed pitch softballs?   
tubebuffer, very well wrirtten treatise. Although, you describe yourself as a hard-ball negotiator. You have your' right for that, but why complain and more so, show that tou were shut down by professionals? 
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my sister, maybe third or fourth best audio salesperson all of Kazakhstan says a tweeter in the hand is worth four in the bush..

Let us cease with the troll
" Perhaps I am not as skill as some of you gentlemen in this area.  Perhaps I am just too much man for some of these hobbies."
What the heck does that mean?

"I told this audio guy that there is plenty of great gear in Audiogon but I like his system too. I will go back and tell that guy I am not paying more than I think is fair."

Yup, he's THAT guy- I lose.