NEEDS HELP Krell 450MCX or Levinson 33H

Anyones with experienced or knowledge with B&W Signature Nautilus with Krell 450MCX OR Levinson 33H. Which one of these amps is better sound with B&W Signature? Thank you, your comments are appreciated.
I have auditioned the Levinson 33H's with the B& W 800 signatures via a Levinson 32 and Wadia CD player and was astonished at how beautiful the sound was. One of the most amazing sounds I have ever heard. A memorable experience. I owned a Krell FPB600c with my Revel Salons and I sold it because it fatigued my ears after 20 minutes of listening. It might have been the cables, but Levinson never fatigues. If the 33h's have enough power, I would consider those.
I've owned 33H's for a number of years now. I've been pleased with these on a number of speakers, at one time using them on B&W Matrix 800's (the BIG ones) with great results. In a hobby that change is a constant, these amps have staying power. Don't let the 150W rated output scare you, the reality is far different....... :-)


Paul :-)