needs help from ground noise cd player

I have a noise come from cd player ground wire .The whole system works fine with the cd phillip sa693 but this cd has no ground wire (power cord has only 2 plug). I just change new cd with ground wire and I pick up unbearable noise even the cd turn off only rca hook up to preamp(on) and and amp(on) . if I swich to mute the noise went away.The amp has power conditioner , the preamp and cd player has diffrent power conditioner. I try to hook directly to the same wall plug but it still not works.The cd is 5.1 preaout but I only used left and right as 2 chanel. It dose has balance but my preamp only accept RCA. Is balanced configuration will work?. Thanks you for all input
i recently had a hum problem and reived many helpful replies, please check this thread titled : i hate to ask but I Really Need Help
Here is the thread Mkaes is referring to

Scroll down and click on Sean's response. This will be your guiding light. Just go slow, one step at a time. Proceed exactly in the order he has outlined.

Make sure you have feed pets and small children, you may be awhile.

If noise is that loud I dought it would be a ground loop or on line noise. Wiggle interconnects around you may have a broken return or ground wire in interconnect or a bad chassis RCA lead broken. Can you switch out interconnects and CD player just to check.