Needle Recommendations


I’ve just inherited a beautiful, perfect condition Technics SL-235 turntable. It’s equipped with an Empire 2000 E/III cartridge but the point on the needle has broken off (not surprisingly, as it was purchased in the 70’s).

Would anybody be able to recommend a good replacement needle that would fit my cartridge? I’d prefer to stay under $50.

@mofimadness that's awesome, thanks! I've never used LP Gear before but that seems to be a pretty great resource.
Jeff, you’re welcome. LP Gear is a great company. I have used them many times. Good luck with your new setup.
The needle is already ordered. :-) I'll respond here when it comes and I get it installed.
Needle came in. Got it on there and it's sounding great. It's exciting to give new life to a turntable that's nearly 40 years old. A new needle and a new belt and she might as well be brand new now! 😀