Needle gets stuck on the brand new 7"


I bought a brand new 7" record. Record does not seem to have any visible damage. Somehow needle gets stuck on same exact place on second track of side A.  Strangest thing is that after needle got stuck i played the second track again and it played just fine. Then i tried to play that song few hours after that and the needle got stuck again, but on the second attempt right after the first one it played fine again. Might some vinyl expert here know why this happens? I am pretty sure that problem is the record and not my player since all other records seem to play just fine. 
Use magnify glass to check what’s in the groove. You will see if something wrong with vinyl surface in the groove.
If the problem is the record just return it for full refund or replace it with a good one from the seller.

If the record is fine then it’s your system, try lower tracking force to play the same record first. You can also try higher tracking force etc.  
Great way to drive yourself crazy.

Easier thing to do ... accept that the record is damaged and if you can, exchange it for a new one.

Harder thing to do ... which is what I did, but what a learning experience ... there is the first album by the Highwaymen (Cash, Nelson, Jennings, Kristofferson) that I have been listening to since 1986 and probably know note by note.  

Sundazed did a repressing about a year ago and I noticed two parts where it skipped on the first track.  I compared the song to the CD to make sure that my hearing and memory had not deserted me.  The album skipped in the same places on both of my turntables.   

I contacted Sundazed, spoke to the engineer responsible for the repressing, returned the albums ... all to be told that there was nothing wrong.  Now, it was not a particularly complicated bit of music ... how could this thing be skipping?  After all, if I were not going to protect the recorded legacy of the Highwaymen ... who would?

As Chakster mentioned above, it was the tracking force.  Adjusted it downward once and one skip went away.  Adjusted it again and both skips went away.  Even though every other record I owned played fine, this one just didn't.

Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose.


Thanks for the answers. I contacted the seller he promised to send a new one. I tried to different tracking force and anti-skating settings but it did not help. I remember that i got this kind of problem maybe once or twice before with a brand new record.  Maybe it is just a coincidence but it has always been a 7" record. I have never had problem with 12" records. 
Next time it happens, check the rear of your tonearm and see if it's bumping into any obstructions. These could include: Arm lifter mechanism, tonearm wires exiting the back of the tonearm, anti-skate device, etc.
It is possible you got some bad vinyl. Be sure to play new vinyl before the return policy time elapses.
When you said "Somehow needle gets stuck" do you mean needle skip or what? I have thousands of 7'inch records (45rpm), when the needle skips the reduced tracking force will help your cartridge to go through the defective part of the groove (bump, scratch on record surface). 

But in your case it can be exactly what @dweller said, if you have problems only with 7'inch records that visually are clean without any bumps/scratches in the groove. 

It would be nice to play the same records with different cartridge and to check your tonearm settings. or to play the same record on another turntable. 
I meant that needle gets stuck in the same part of the record and plays the same loop again and again.