Needle drop speed on VPI scout

Is there a way to adjust how fast the arm drops on a vpi scout? Mine seems to be dropping a bit too quick.
I suspect you need a new VPI and you'll get easy install
move lever slower for the time being. the lever may also have a screw that opens hole to fill up oil. i'd use pistol oil.
You will need to replace it for about $70. I have had mine go a coupe of times on my Aries 2.
You could loosen the set screw and lower your cueing mechanism. It won't change the speed per se, but will reduce the distance the needle falls. I placed a stack of dimes under my cueing mechanism adding or subtracting dimes until I got to the height I wanted. Then I just re-tightened the set screw.
Contact VPI, they may replace it under warranty.