Needle Cleaning

Hey Guys,

I would all to know how everyone cleans there needle? Be clean guys....


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check out Magic Erasure in the archives says it all
Better yet check out "Magic Eraser" in the archives ;-)
The little brush that comes with bottles of LAST. I use it before every side. then apply STYLAST.
I inherited a battery powered Denon ultrasonic stylus cleaning bobble I use every few weeks with LAST stylus cleaner. (Curious the Denon has a brush built in that is a dead ringer for the LAST brush bristles.)
I am satisfied.
I use the Magic Eraser for detailed cleaning but for light duty work I bought a good Artist paint brush a Flat tipped one made from white nylon. I using a needle nose pliers carefully bent the brush tube up so that the brush curves upward allowing me to sweep from back to front while keeping the handle easy in my hand and flat to the turntable's top surface.
Les_creative_edge - a clever solution with the pliers. Good job.

Needles are for piercing. For tracing use a stylus. ;-)

Magic Eraser + dry brush after every side.
Use great care when doing this.If you accidentally bend the stylus and cantilever sideways,you could easily bend it,or do other damage.
LAST stylus cleaner evary 5 or so sides. Sometimes with the soft brush in the bottle, and sometimes with the coarse brush for a good scraping of goo off the stylus.
I too use a small fine-chisel tip artists brush for general dustball removal after every side. In addition, I also use the Magic Eraser (ME) on a toothpick cut into a wedge shape which is excellent for scrubbing the diamond sides. The ME is an excellent cleaning tool, but it misses one critical area - the junction where the diamond is attached to the cantilever. This angle gathers all types of grunge which is very difficult to reach (even with the ME).

I recently began using Lyra SPT which is a marvelous liquid cleaner supplied with a brush designed for the job. I'm no great fan of liquid meets cartridge, but this stuff works as advertised. After 6-8 sides, it is amazing the quantity of black goo that the SPT removes that is completely missed by the ME. I know about liquid migrating up the cantilever and all that, but if used according to the directions, I think this is a non-issue with the Lyra product.

I used to use the short-bristled LAST brushes long ago, but I think they place undue strain of the entire cartridge. They are too rigid for the task (IMO); if you see the cantilever flexing in any direction while cleaning, I believe you are applying too much pressure.

The final item I would like to recommend for cleaning around the cartridge is a pair of bamboo tweezers - if you get a long piece of lint or a hair wrapped around the cantilever or stuck to the underside of the cart body, these are the ideal item to grab hold of the offender and remove it. Bamboo is non-magnetic - using any ferrous forceps in this capacity (especially with a MC) could result in catastrophe.