Needing to replace a pair of VTL MB125s with another like flavored amp

I am very settled in on my system and from this point only looking to repair or replace pieces as they fault. With that said the amps in question are VTL MB125s that I just adore but recently have run into issues with VTL when trying to get help or info on repair of a power switch just reminding me of the issues I have always had with them, actually intended to run these amps till they were wore out and spring for a new set of them as needed, still have a lot of life left but just refuse to deal with VTL here on out. I love the EL34 tubes and am looking for amps that offer the characteristics of the VTLs what are your suggestions. These are rated around 100 watts and anything around that number would suffice as I never have to work them hard to power my Wilson Sophias. Thanks

Budget?  The EL34 amps that immediately come to mind are Manley Snappers and 250's, VAC PA90, Primaluna. 
rhljazz No real budget, I will be looking slightly used or new and once chosen will shop and wait for good deal. Are your suggestions based on them being EL34 amps and have you heard or lived with any of them, have you any experience with the VTLs?

Suggestions based on the EL34 tube.  I have not heard the VTL amps.  The Manley's I've heard many times and I like the 250's which as I recall are tetrode/triode.  I've had two amps so far that have switchable triode operation and both sucked in triode.  The Snappers I believe are ultralinear.  

The pure triode amp I have now, a BAT VK55 sounds incredible.  The downsides are heat from hell (unusable in the AZ summer) and hard on expensive output tubes.  I have no room for mono's and two VK55's should heat the whole room in dead of winter.