needing help deciding on int amp to power Quad 22L

Hi, I'm new to the hifi component world. Just starting to build a component 2-channel system. Im looking for an amp to match my newly acquired speaker: Quad 22L floor standers (50-300W, normal impedance 6 ohms). I listen mainly to rock, pop, jazz, lounge - very little classical, and will of course connect my plasma up to the amp/speakers.

I have a shortlist of the amps listed below - they're pretty much the same price range - +/- $100-$200.

I would like an opinion on which is the best amp for the money, given the music I listen to and my speakers (new CD player will be my next purchase).

Integrated amp shortlist:

- Cambridge Audio 840A : $1,000 (1 yr old)
- Cambridge Audio 740A : $900 (new)
- Denon PMA1500BK : $1,000 (new)
- Marantz PM-15S1 : $1,300 (new)
- Marantz PM-17mkII : $940 (used, good condition)
- NAD C372 : $1,000 (new)

Im leaning to the Cambridge Audio 840A, but wouldn't know it if one of the others was a standout performer or simply a better value proposition.

Thanks for your assistance! Happy listening!

if you stay in your list....740 can't be beat new...lots of power and sounds great.....good deals new on'
If I had to stay in your list I'd go for the Marantz PM-15S1. If I could look outside your list, in a heartbeat I'd go for the Musical Fidelity A308 ($1300 2nd hand) or the A5 ($1400 2nd hand).
No tubes?? Many integrateds with auto-bias.Might be worth a look-see.
Easy. Get a Quad 99 series set of preamp and amp or a Naim Nait 5i and you won't be pleased you'll be thrilled.