Needed parts for a Krell KAS2

Does anyone know where I can buy the main circuit board for a Krell KAS2? One on my amps fried and Krell does want to do the repair. I was told by their service department parts are not available.

I will even consider buying a none working KAS2 if the circuit board is in good condition.
Contact Steven Leckrone - He used to work for Krell and is much less expensive than the Krell Service Department, and a great guy

The Service Department Steven Leckrone 30 Unquowa Hill St,
Bridgeport, CT 06604 USA 203-331-0671
Ditto what Mgattmch says. Steve is a great guy, knows pretty much everything about Krell because he ran their service dept. for 20 years (or some insane length of time). The dude is a wealth of knowlege and has no problem sharing great detail I might ad. So call him, or email him. Good luck.
Thanks guys, I will see what he has to say
I contacted Steven and he responded quickly but at this time cannot help me so I am still in the market. Any more suggestions?