needed opinion of amp or cd change?

Can use some help, have a consideration of a possibile change to work 'tword. 1st could be a change in my intgrated from Classe CAP 151 to Jeff Rowland Concentra Int. (using Apogee Slant 6 speakers and LOVE 'EM!!). Or a change in CDP from ARC CD2 to either a Bryston BCD1, Sim Equinox SE or ARC CD3. Now mind you I have no way to audition anything but the Bryston so you see my need to get qualified opinions. I'm trying to qualify what would provide the best change for sound staging and detail and oh course money spent (I also have a small room). I listen to soft rock, blues, New age and jazz. Please see my current system componets for help, want to stay with SS equipment too. I'd appreciate your help.
As a previous CAP-151 owner I would say upgrade the amp. I was happy with my Classe until I sold it a was thrilled with the change. The Classe seemed lifeless in retrospect. The Bel Canto eVo2i which replaced the Classe more than two years ago is still in my system.
Never heard the Concentra so can't comment on it's sound. Good luck whichever way you go.

You might get a better (or at least more) reponds to your question about amp/CD chamge if you posted your question over in the "Amps Preamps" and/or "Digital" forums.
The Rowland is EXCELLENT. You wouldn't be sorry...I agree that the Classe can't come close. Have heard it many times, Jeff knows how to build good stuff.