NEEDED!!! Bi Amp Pros out there that can give me some advice

Ive never Bi Amp'd before and I would like to try it out. I want to avoid costly mistakes so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Aragon 8008 bb would keep for the lows
Pass Labs Aleph 5 Amp looking to buy for the highs
Dunlavy SC 3's
PS Audio Perfect wave DAC no longer using a preamp
HSU ULS 15's sealed in Stereo two of em 
Tice Power block signature.

The 8008 BB is 200 at 8 ohms and the Dunlavys are 5.5 nom. The Aleph is rated at 60 wpc at 8 and 90 at 4. So I guess Id be running around 70 wpc with the PASS at 5.5 non load. Since Im running XLR out I would either have to y split the XLR's outta the PS Audio or use concurrently with RCA's that the PS audio will do. but I know that changes things on output impedance. So Im hoping some of ya guys been down this path and will help me out. Thanks in advance for any feedback
If you want to get any real benefit out of biamping, you really need to use an active crossover, imo.
Here is Paul McGowan explaining both bi-wiring and bi-amping...He states in the video EQUAL GAIN is the most important thing when Bi-Amping
I agree on what cleeds said. Also, like joe said, your different amplifiers will likely have different gain, which requires you to have some sort of ability to detune the level of one amplifier (either using a passive preamp or active crossover, such as Bryston 10B or something similar).  Or just use exact same amps for high/low.