Need your thoughts & recommendations on these preamps...

In the market for a preamp and heard the Athena was pretty nice. I'm currently borrowing a McCormack TLC-1 from an audio friend of mine (hopefully) until I can find something. I actually like the TLC-1 a lot, but my buddy is not selling it. I guess what I'm asking for are comments & recommendations on other preamps that are similar in sound to the TLC-1. Is the Athena in that range? I also found a Conrad Johnson Sonographe SC22 preamp for sale too. Are they any good? Another is the Mod Squad Line Drive. My budget is $350 max, so I'm hoping this will get me in this range of gear. Below is the rest of my gear to help mate with a pre... 

Odyssey Stratos amp
Cal Audio Tercet IV cd player
Vandersteen 2c speakers
Mogami speaker cable & interconnects. 
For your budget, if you could find a Forte Model 2, that’s a SWEET little preamp.

The Mod Squad Line Drive is the predecessor to the McCormack TLC-1. Same designer, Steve McCormack and both are pretty decent.

Also, a Classe Thirty or a Classe CP-35 are around your budget.

The Emotiva USP-1 is nice preamp and are selling for around $250.
See if you can score a McCormack pre amp - ALD deluxe sounded great in my system.
Mccormack RDL-1 Preamp w/Home Theater by-pass.
Consider this  one.