Need your thoughts on these

Hi everyone,

If you remember, I posted a thread some time back on Magico V2 vs SF Cremona M. Well, the Magico V2 made me very aware of their presence in that they failed to "disappear" - very hard and uninvolving and I just couldn't get into the music. The Cremona M sounded ok but still didn't really make an impression on me.

Next week, I'll be making an A/B comparison between the SF Amati Anniversario and Wilson Sasha. Will probably listen to the Sophia 2 as well. Is there anything I should be on the look-out for when I listen to these? What amps would go well with these speakers?

magico,cremona,amati,wilson, i see where you are going , i own the wilson sophia and i love audio research amp with wilson speaker, i am using a wadia the range that you are listening, do not overlook the upper range of the jm labs /focal speakers....
Thanks Dwhitt. I forgot to mention that I'll be listening to the Amati and Wilson using the Avantgarde/SET amp setup as my benchmark. So far, the Avantgarde has made the deepest impression on me.