Need your suggestions on Amps/Pre-Amps ...

Hello Friends out there,

I am in the process of looking to buy a pair of Amps/PreAmps to match with my curents SonusFaber Extrema speakers., of course you must know that Extrema is one of the very fine speakers in the market...

Am having a hard time to choose the right amps for it., still, wondering if i should switch from solid state to tube amps...

I have used a pair of Krell Amp 200c with KCR-2 Preamp to run these speakers then changed to Bryston 4B ST with BP-20 Preamps I could be wrong but i think Bryston 4B ST is a bit more sonically but the Krell 200C give a bit more kick...

I was thinking of moving to Bryston Mono 7B ST with BP25 pramps?...

Or should i switch to "Tube"

Either one of the Krell/Bryston still produce well with my Extremas... but i thought maybe you could help me to choose a matching for my extrema so it will bring out its complete performance...(sonically, musically speaking?)

Thank you

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The amps your using really aren't doing justice to those fine speakers! I know, several of my friends, including myself pressently, use the Electa Amators (or have used them) or Extrema's (at one time or another), and have played around with quite a few calibures of amps on these Sonus Faber pieces. The speakers such as extremas DEFINITELY do better with solid state!!! The speaker balances much more neutral and "right" with solid state running from all ends!..our experiences anyway.
We've all come to the conclussions that you need a very strong refined sounding amp to make these work correctly. Amps that put out close to 100 watts in class A opperation, or 300 plus watts of Class AB (carefull not all 300 watt amps can push these properly!..i.e, Classe's older amps!) is a bare bare minimum to make the likes of Electa's or Extrema's sound stage and push dynamics well. Also, they have tons of detail, and want an amp that's the same.
My summations thus far have been that, Pass Labs X150's and above work very very well! Also, the new Threshold Stasis and older T200/T400 series (upgradeable as well!) are very good "no lose" candidates. Coda's 100 watt class A opperating amps and above, such as the model 11, System 100, and system 200's and newer ,also work/sound fantastic with the Extrema's/Amators as well. The older Levinson 226(???) is a good candidate to seek out (I think the model is correct)
However, and I'm sure you could come across some other workables with these, that would be very clear, refined, dynamic, etc. But, For sure, as long as they are working correctly, the above mentions will definitely work well with a good solid state preamp! Pass Labs preamps are a sure bet with just about any of the above amps. Pass Aleph P and L models are running around used out there for less than half off. (and they run part passive/part active at a certain volume level!...very well thought out and very neutral!) Also the X series stuff from Pass is good for the more expensive versions. The more pricey Levinson stuff is worth a try if you got the dough. But, things like the Krell and Bryston preamps, not to mention the Bryston 7b mono amps, are not worth the money!...there's much better out there at the same or less money.
In summing, If you listen at not too ungodly rock concert levels, I'd be willing to bet that you'd be estatic about the quality of sound you got using something like a Pass X150 (used around $2k) or X250 (used $3500), mated with something like a Pass Aleph L preamp (class A Stereophile rated...and deservedly so!!!) combo! I garantee, mated with the right cabling and front end, driving those world class SF Extrema's, you'll be in heaven!...or at least sonic Nirvana! Enjoy
I had been using Bryston Equipment and tried out alot of Krell, but ultimately I decided to switch to the Musical Fidelity A3cr pre and power amps. These do not have the massive power of a 4B-ST or 7B-ST, but unless you are playing at huge volumes, you will not miss it. In every other way this pair is superb. Even my wife cannot believe the difference (and she was very skeptical). From soundstage to harmonic presenttion and naturalness to the tone these are beautiful sounding gear. If you want outside encouragement the power-amp is a Stereophile Recommended "Class A" and the pre is a Stereophile Recommended "Class B" and a reviewers choice for 2000 at SoundStage! Best of all the pair NEW is only $3000 and can often be found slightly used for $600 - $800 less. If your looking for new, I believe UpScale Audio is now selling them with a 30-day in home trial (no I don't work for them). I love these amps as you can see. I'm finally truly happy with my amp and pre.

Good Luck!
Best advice cost no object? Shoot for a Levinson 335 or 336 or the monos not noing your budget so I will name a few. They have a much more refined sound than the bryston. Extremly layerd and a very deep and wide soundstage. You cant go wrong with any of their stuff. There are many other brands to choose but that being the best in your situation. Good Luck
Try the Bryston BP-25, as its volume control is far superior to that in the BP-20, and it makes a big difference in performance. I run mine into a BAT VK-200, which is an awesome power amp--very smooth and well controlled, with lots of power for my B&W 802's.