Need your pre-amp advice

I have an opportunity to purchase a pre pro and get rid of my Yamaha rxv2095 receiver. I am looking at an Anthem avm20 or a B&k 50s2 the problem is there are no dealers around here to listen to the above. What is your valuable opinion. My other gear consists of a B&K 7250 amp with JPS fx ic's,Stealth m7 pc,JPS biwire speaker cables B&W cdm9,cnt,snt velodyne spl1200,Rotel 1070 cd w/ Stealth m7 pc and cws ic,along with mits ws65908,mits svhs,Aiwa tapedeck,Jvc dvd, Yamaha pf1000 tt w ortofon om20, and a panamax 5300. I would like to keep it around $2000.00 as I will also need to get a phono preamp(what kind?).I listen to music 70% and movies 30%. Please give me any and all your plus and minus on both or other pre-pro's. thanks.
NAD has a pre-pro that is easy to use/set-up and sounds very good. It is a big bang for the buck and would give you a good mid-fi platform to build from if you wanted to start replacing other components. Sounds better than the B&K.
Consider Rotel or a passive preamp (Monolithic, Axiom, etc..)

Thanks for the input, I have listened to Nad and did not make that one of my choices. Rotel was another that I thought about, but I want to get more opinions on the B&K and the Anthem. I will give the passive preamp consideration. Thanks for the replies and keep giving me your valuable expertise.
The Anthem is very highly regarded, and is very similar to the AVM-30, which is considerably more expensive.
Check out AVS forums, a lot of threads on this subject.