Need your opinion on NADC320 BEE, please

Hi, While I have been searching for a better Integrated amp to replace my NADC370;I saw a couple post and short review stating that NADC320 BEE;is sounding even better than NAD C370(TAS latest report). I just wonder have anyone has actual comparitive listening experiences on them? and in what sonic aspects does the lower wattager beat the lots higher wattager ?? On second thought-if the C320BEE does sounding better;then I would get it to replace the Preamp section of my C370 while retaining the benefit of having more power to drive my spkr. My systems-Quadral Ascent850-89dB floorstander;Analysis Plus Oval 9 spkr cable;TruthLink IC(harmonic tech). PS:the reason I like to replace the C370 is it started to sound grainy when the volume is close to 9 o'clock position(I need this sound level to play full orchestral music such as Mahler;s,Bruckner;s symphony).
your opinion and suggestion is highly appreciated and thanks in advance
Hello Simon. I've owned quite a few int. amps over the years
and I believe what you're trying to achieve (less grainy sound) will only be accomplished by buying something more refined...higher-end SS equipment. Many fine int. amps to choose from...Audio Refinement, Bryston, Sim audio, Plinius etc,. If you want to try something different, try a hybrid
int. amp. Recently I purchased a little 30w. Jolida 301. This retails for $350 and sounds IMO absolutely fantastic. Sounds great w/the stock tubes, but if you want it to sound even better put some NOS tubes in, you'll be amazed! Nad is very fine but if you want to go to the next level, you'll have to buy higher end SS equipment (more $$$) or
give a hybrid int. amp a try. The reason the 320 Bee may sound different than the 370 might have to do w/the signal to noise ratio of the two amps. Bill
Replacing the C320 with the C370 is not really an upgrage in my opinion. I am familiar with the NAD sound and if you feel the sound of C370 is grainier than you should go out and buy something more refined albeit at a higher price to really get the sound you are looking for.

My friend after great diliberation finally settled on the Audio Analogue Puccini, a faboulous amp I must say. Very refined and has enough oomph to be able to drive most speakers. The amp was first hooked up at my place when it was new and later hooked up in my friends system. I have heard the amp many times since then and am familiar with its superb sound.

I am not suggesting you go and buy one, I am simply letting you know that there is a superb amp awaiting your audition.

When friends ask me for advice assembling affordable systems, my choices for amps are: NAD (320BEE or 370), Audio Refinement Complete, then you're on your own (I chose Pass Alephs).
Try Rotel. EVen What hifi who raves about NAD 320BEEE admitted Rotel RA-02 is better. This is the Euro version and only costs $50-75 more than NAD.
If you don't need remote try the D.A.C.T. audio attenuator reviewed at and get a good power amp.
Compare Rotel RB-1050 (with DACT passive volume)vs RA-972 int. S/N 116 vs 95, Damping 500 vs ???, F-R +/-1dB vs +/-3dB. For the same price!!.
I would agree...Switching NAD amps is a lateral move at best...I would opt for an entirely new SS sound...I like Muscial Fidelity...or as some have mentioned...incorporate a "tube" sound in your system...such as a hybrid...good luck...also...I have the C350 and dont find it to "grainy" at all..if is a bit "clinical" for my tastes...which is why Im looking at tubes...