Need your opinion..Ayre 5vex and the McIntosh 352

Okay don't want to open up a can of worms here......But, please comment on the above amps and why you did or did not purchase them.....I like a nice warm 10th row seat sound, but also like good detail an resolution. The rest of the system is Avalon Eclipse, Rowland Synergy 2 II pre-amp, dcs Elgar and Purcell and a CECTL-1 transport.....cables are Synergistic Absolute Reference...all balanced. Let me know your thoughts.....
I did have a V5ex, and sold it after a few days. Like most solid state amps, it sounded like a solid state amp. It was fine, just not great to me. I owned a few others before getting an MC402, which I REALLY like a lot. I was looking for an SS amp to best my ARC tube amps, which none of them did, until the MC402. I use mine with an ARC Ref3, with either Thiels or Quads. Try one, I think you will like it. I assume the 352 is extremely similar.
Since it takes Ayre amplifiers about a month until they settle in and open up, I think you made a mistake writing off the Ayre after only "a few days." I have both the V5-xe (now in a second system) and the MX-R monoblocks, and I couldn't be happier. With the quality of components the original poster has, he should definitely listen to whatever is on his short list within his own system. Good dealers should be able to accomodate this. Good luck.