Need your inputs - Leaving HT to 2ch

Please reply in order 1, 2, 3.

1/ Advise:
If someone already have a "decent" 5.1 HT set up but because 98% of their time is now listening to 2-ch music via their pre/pro, how'd you convince them stepping away from their complete HT set up and move to pure 2-ch?

2/ Prefer:
What would be an moderate 2-ch system that can be called as an upgrade (in sound quality) if their HT's is:
5.1 Pre/pro: Anthem AVM-30 ($3K)
Amp: Anthem A5 ($2.5K) (180wpc x5)

3/ Opinion:
If their speakers are very easy to drive, can some good /great integrated amp out perform their Anthems?

1-I wouldn't, why would ? To each thier own.

2-You could improve your 2-channel and still keep your 5.1, just adding a decent 2 channel pre would help and ipmroving on that would be a better amp/amps for the main speakers. Another option would be an integrated, this would take care of both and again you could still keep the 5.1 going.

3-I have an Anthem 3 channel, it's ok for HT, but I wouldn't recomend it for 2-channel.
Check out the Belles 150 Hot Rod amp just posted. That's a lot of amp for the money!!!
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Please take my opinion with a grain of salt.

1. I have been unsuccessful in combining my HT and two channel systems. Placing a display and a center channel enclosure between my two channel speakers seems to impact the delicate soundstage I struggled to optimize two channel my room. I'm sure I'm overly critical of this staging but, for me, it's one of the wonders of my two channel system. (I am also having a great deal of fun with my 7.1 system now that more and more media is becoming available. IMO the 5.1 to 7.1 upgrade is absolutly worth the effort regardless of room size. I also have the room for both.)

That said, If you haven't been spoiled by a dedicated two channel systems ability to stage then you may notice only a slight difference if any at all in your room.

2. +1 Jdomead. There is a world of higher quality two channel preamplifiers with the pass through feature needed to integrate a two channel system into an HT system. On the other hand I've read good things about the Anthem Pre/Pro. I would certainly take the effort to do actual in home comparisons of any preamplification before discounting the Anthem's abilities as a two channel pre.

3. Since you didn't mention your current speaker system I'll assume it's of the same quality as your Paradigm/Anthem electronics. Again, any change here would require an in home comparison. You may have noticed the selection and improvements in integrated amps is growing. Read the Back Page interview of David Salz in the October Absolute Sound regarding his experience with the effects of cable.

I say in home comparisons because your system seems to be at that point of quality were this type of comparison, as much trouble as it is, would be a wonderful learning experience of your rooms interaction with any change to the system. As always make one change at a time.
1. I do't I put in a pre amp with a HT bypass. This way you get the best of both worlds a processor whenyou need it and 2 channel when you don't.

2. I have a D2V2 I do not use ot for 2 ch I think it is ok sounding but not nearly as good as just going through my asethix clyspo pre amp. What is better is a whole nother story and based on what you like to hear.

3 I doubt it. Although I really perfer monoblocks and keeping the speaker cables as short as possible. That will make the bigest difference. But again depends what you think sounds good.
They are two different animals. While I couldn't imagine watching my favorite DVD Peter Gabriel "Growing Up" and not having the 7.1 to enjoy it.

There are some really great two channel audio's like AudioQuest' Doug McLeod.

There's no reason to leave either camp.One is what it is and the other is what it is...Movie/Music

Relax and enjoy....Dude (as my 11 yr old would say )

1. The only time I use my system for home theater is watching a dvd with a lot of action. Most movies do not have enough content to make a difference between 2 channel and home theater.

2. I use a Calypso linestage in pass thru which sounds better to me than the Meridian processor I have. Don't get me wrong as I think Meridian makes very good processors, however I don't think any processor would sound as good as a decent linestage.

3. I would think a very good intergrated amp would sound substantially better that the system you have now for 2 channel, but you need to make that decision yourself. Maybe some of your friends have an intergrated amp you could try out in your system?

Good luck.
You can be successful to combine the two... but it does take some good planning.

First thing you need is a very good pre/pro (I'm using Krell HTS7.1, which is a great HT pro, but even more importantly is also a fantastic 2-ch pre) and good amplification (again, I'm using Krell, a 2-ch for fronts and a 5-ch for center/surrounds).

The problem you will have is the display... you can't put an LCD, plasma or anything like that between the speakers and expect to have good 2-ch sound... the reflections will kill the sound, so either a drop down projection screen and/or a thick curtain that covers the entire front wall behind the speakers, but in front of the screen.

So, yes, it can be done, but it takes time, money and work... and it won't be less expensive than having one HT setup and one separate 2-ch set up (and probably actually more expensive, but if you don't have the space....)
Thanks all,
Update, I finally "risk it" and went for an additional seperate audio system amp and pr-amp from the Jeff Rowland. OMG, oops allow me to re-phrase it, OMFG, it was the best move I've ever made. As the new Jeff Rowland quickly broken in day after day, smiles on my face continue to extend.
Since I'm biased I think this is the way to go. It's nice to hear how satisfied you are with your choice. I'm interested exactly what does you two channel consist of?