Need your help on SPEAKER CABLE...

Need advise on speaker cable. Looking for a cable which is fast and warm. Not bright in any case. They will connect my Plinius 8150 to a pair of Sonus Faber Signum. Interconnects are van de Hul D102III. I am willing to spend less than US$300 (for terminated pair). Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise.
I used Wireworld Polaris with my 8150. They were a great match.
I have had great success with Goertz MI 2's with my Plinius
8150, they are not bright, very warm and smooth and well within your price range.
Kimber Kable 8TC - my personal "first choice" for moderately priced audiophile speaker cable.
I agree the Kimber 8TC is a great cable.
I have several different Kimbers ( 8TC, 4TC, 8PR, 4PR, etc), Goertz MI-2's and MI-3's, some Audioquest cables, some XLO's, some Axon 8, several different Monster's, some 54 conductor CAT 5 cables, etc... and have used many others including Analysis Plus, Straight Wire's, etc... The only thing that i will tell you is that trial and error is the only way that you find EXACTLY what you want out of the system. I've found that even though i've liked a specific cable in one installation, it just plain wouldn't work well in another system. I have several systems here and sometimes play "musical cables" between them, swapping back and forth. Anybody that tells you that cables DO NOT contribute to the sonic signature of the system is either extremely inexperienced in system building or has very poor hearing / listening habits. Contact the Cable Company and get hooked up with them. You can then rotate a couple different cables in and out of your system and see what YOU like best. Sean
Sean is right. You'll find the Cable Company under
I also agree with Sean. And, having many of the speaker cables he lists, have to agree that they are all different, and require auditioning to find which best fits your system/likes.
I agree about trying various cables to see what works. I would suggest some used Cardis, the Golden Hex or Hex C would provide the tonal balance and dynamics you are looking for with your equipment. Golden Hex should be near your budget, and may sold if they are not for you. If you are going through the Cable Company, you should audition the Purist Audio Elementa. These are excellent and are priced at $300.00 full retail.
Albert, i think i've got you figured out. You sit back and let everyone else "strut their stuff" and then you fire away once were all exhausted. Makes for less of a moving target that way : )

Actually, your suggestions for Cardas actually hit the description of what he's looking for right on the head. Very clean, clear and warm without a hint of brashness or glare. Now since you've mentioned them, what can you tell us about the Purist Audio's that strikes your fancy the most ??? Sean
The Purist is extremely low distortion, and has perhaps the most effective shield against vibration, RF and EMI. It is difficult to know if what Purist offers in these specific areas would be of benefit. Elementa is also extremely phase accurate, allowing objects within the soundstage to retain their own space. These spatial cues are what determine the holographic effect in imaging, and are sometime lost with cables that cost many times more.
Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with me. Meanwhile, I've been reading some reviews on these Ultraconductors (both ic and sc) from JPS Labs. And, actually, some reviewers feel these are quite smooth and warm while others say these are more on the cold and analytical side. What is your opinion?