Need your help for pre-amp


I need your help to choose a preamp.

My system:

CD: Pioneer PD65
AMP: Luxman MB3045 Mono
Speaker: Sony SS-M7
Cable; Vand Den Hul: Inter: The first
Speaker: CS-122
I like a huge soundstage, open and perfectly focus.

For around 1700$, what do you think about Cello Pallett, Berning TF-10, Adcom GFP-750, Convergent Audio SL1 ?
Please, let me know your idea.



I had those amps, yrs ago! Used the old 8045 tubes.

I like a huge soundstage, open and perfectly focus
Of the pres you list, the CAT is an obvious choice for yr amps. The Cello could also work, but you need hi-output for the line-out.
Keep in mind that huge soundstage depends on spkr placement and spkr-amp combo; "Focus" has a lot to do with spkr placement & hi-frequency response...

BTW, hold on to those amps (and check your 1st stage & the grid resistors, from time to time). They're great!
Why not find the Luxman preamp from the same period as the sweet Luxman amps?