need your advice on speakers and CD players

    Hi audiopeople! I'm almost ready to buy a system and would need your advice. I have a room that is 12 x 20 feet with an 8 1/2 foot ceiling. I listen to acoustic jazz, vocals, Brazilian, African, R&B, and classic rock. I will be sitting about 9 feet from the speakers, which will be about 2 feet from the rear wall. 
    I love the Harbeth M 30.1.  I also really like the Dynaudio Confidence C1, but I'm concerned about the rear porting, and think the Harbeths sound more natural -- any thoughts?
    I'm going to get the Luxman 507 ux integrated, and either the Luxman CD-05 or CD-06 CD player. Has anybody out there listened to both? Is the CD-06 worth 4K more?
   I'm planning on using Audience 24SE cables. Your thoughts are most appreciated.

Welcome! woofergirl,
you are setting up a really nice system! Are you in a position to demo the cd player(s) in consideration. This is really key, at this level and money involved, you would not want to make a mistake.

Keep me posted and Happy Listening!

I listened to both of the speakers you note, this weekend, at the AXPONA show. While both were very good I favored the Dynaudio. Plenty of bottom with great sound staging and depth, the speakers were about 2 feet from the front wall, in a challenging hotel room. They performed nicely on Jazz, Acoustic (real nice), Vocals and Electronic. Sounded very natural to me. Also note 3 separate rooms had the Dynaudio, the dealers liked them a lot too.

You are putting together a very nice system. Also note there are some very fine used CD players out there, where you can get a lot of bang for your dollar.

If you place the loudspeakers at least 24" out into the room the rear port shouldn't be a factor.  Personally I like the Harbeth over the Dynaudio.  They have a more welcoming and relaxed sound.  Neither is particularly sensitive, but the Luxman should be more than capable of driving both very well.  Please post what you end up doing.
I have stayed away from rear ported speakers in the past only because adequate space was a concern. Given unlimited space to play with they often sound superior (to me) unless were talking certain TL's or acoustic suspension. I am a fanboy of both manufacturers. I have listened to Harbeth partnered with high quality Luxman and it was among the best I've ever heard. Detail and naturalism are two words I would use to best describe there partnership.    
I have had Harbeth and Dynaudio and really prefer Harbeth.  So much less fussy about positioning, among other things.  Should be very nice with Luxman. The  Vinnie Rossi LIO is another great pairing with Harbeth.  Line Magnetic makes great cd players as well.  Enjoy!