Need Wireless Subwoofer Options

I am in the process of minimizing my system footprint and the large boomy Velodyne VA-1215X that hogs the corner of the living room is the bane of my wife's existence. I would like to replace it with a wireless sub I could hide behind the couch. I have found a few solid brands like Rel (T/7i) and JL Audio (d110) that can operate via wireless. Others like Paradigm and Klipsch do as well but I have less confidence in their sound. This is for a two channel system connected to the TV - no surround sound.

Any ideas on brands/models that would fit the bill? My budget is $1K max. No velodyne please.  One concern I have about the Rel is that it does not appear to have a phase setting and I have very limited placement options.  Should I be concerned about this?

@m-db I see a JL Audio E-110, the next step up, for sale on Agon. Would that get me there? I'm thinking not.
Hi Treebeard,

As others already mentioned, there are wireless kits from various manufacturers (niles, sunfire, etc.) that you can use with virtually any sub, so that may well be a better option than trying to find a dedicated wireless sub as you’ll have much more choices in brands and models.

With your Velodyne being the bane of your wife’s existence (had a good laugh at that one :)), I would say that your best best would be to go with a compact, high excursion sub like the Sunfire HRS12, Definitive Technology Supercube 6000, and JL E112 (a bit above your target price range, but a good option nonetheless) and pair it with one of the aforementioned wireless kits. These are the closest to your price range that I can think of off the top of my head.

I own an A/V integration company in Atlanta and would be happy to assist you further if you have any additional questions - I’ll send you a PM with our contact info.

Take care,

Is your subwoofer connected to a Home Theater receiver equipped with room correction or to the back of your TV?

Why, "no Velodyne please?"

I have already ordered the JL Audio JLINK and plan to try it with my Velodyne. I’ll take it from there.

No home theater. TV hooked to 2 channel digital pre (Cambridge 851N). I say no Velodyne because I paid $1k for my VA-1215X 20 years ago and it’s very boomy. Has a paper cone that rotted away. Seems cheap because of those two factors. That may not be the case anymore but perception is reality.
You can probably score a pair of Vandersteen 2w's for under $1K, but you do need crossovers. In my opinion, the best way to add subs to any system.
Also, HSU subs are a great value for the money, too.
The JL should probably be a good upgrade, but seeing you are using a Cambridge pre, I think the HSU may be a better match. Plus, you can get a pair within your budget.