Need Wired Ethernet Access but Noisy Extender

Current setup - Roon core on Mac mini in other room - microRendu fed by Wi-Fi extender’s wired ethernet cable into Denafrips Terminator ii. Finding it noisy with the extender on the same circuit as my rig. I don’t have the option to run ethernet from my router directly. Am I out of options? Or is there an alternative? Linear power supply for extender?


What ethernet wire are you using?

Wire above 6a should have a ground wire, which should help with noise. Though your equipment should allow it to be effective.


I have the Linksys Velop Mesh Network in my house, with 4 nodes. Covers 4000sf+ and the lawn, garage, neighbors houses, etc.! Each node has an ethernet port. I've used the ethernet port attached to the node that is furthest fron my cable modem. Works great. Gets full bandwith as indicated by speedtest.

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I run my garage/outdoor system off of the furthest Orbi mesh node out of four - works great.  My main system I hardwire (with fiber) just because.

I am not completely sure exactly what you are saying. I am running my main system using an Ethernet cable from and extender... and the sound is very similar to vinyl and dead silent.

So, first. Place another extender near your system. They are cheap. One extender for your computer and another for your system. Or am I missing something. I have a different extender for each system.

I did nothing but add a 15, 20 and 35.00 dollar cable to my router, 15, 25 and 100ft long. The DL increased by 10 X and the upload by 3 X. I used flat Cat6. Best 100.00 investment in a long long time.. I didn't have errors before, I didn't after. But the quality of everything amazed me. The terminal connection quality, the heft of the ribbon cable and the DL/UL speed increase.. A C-note.. Happy Happy.



Mesh systems replace router-and-extender setups with multiple identical units that work together thereby improving the speed offered by using range extenders.  Here is an article that may answer some of your questions.

I have been on IT most of my life. I have a friend that implemented a mesh network and has had nothing but problems. My experience with IT is that it is best to wait a few iterations before diving in. For most I am sure it will work well, but if you are the guy that has problems, it will be really frustrating.

I had to buy a replacement router / modem a couple weeks ago. I stuck with traditional router + extenders and have been happy with greater range / throughput of this new one. Took me 10 minutes and all existing extenders worked. I’ll postpone mesh until everyone else has it. Maybe that is just me having implemented the first version of Windows, and the first modem, and network / network card in a PC, for myself and the corporation I worked for. It was fun for 35 years. I like simplicity and reliability now.

I had noise with a Netgear ethernet over AC.    The TP Link works better and is dead quiet in my setup with Vault 2i