Need warm sounding cables: Transparent Ref. MM?

I just got a pair of Avalon Eidolon. Prior to the Eidolon, I was using B&W 802D. The Eidolon is focused, clear, transparent, fast but I am missing the warmth of the B&W on vocal music.
I have Kubala Emotion speaker cables currently and was wondering if switching to Transparent would help. Thx.
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Keep the speaker cables, try a warm sounding pc, something with gold ends...
You don't want to do that. As advised above, tweak with the PCs. Try Shunyata or VH Audio Airsine with gold or rhodium terminations.
Why the cables and not some tube-rolling? It's a heck of a lot cheaper.
Personally, I think changing interconnects makes a greater inpact on the sound quality of a system than a power cord.
Four days ago you started a thread because you had just purchased Wilson WP8? Which do you own? Both?
I agree with Jafox, I've spent money changing cables when I should have rolled tubes and when I finally did change tubes the voices became more natural, it was not only cheaper it was easier!!