Need upgrade to Cardas Microtwin

I have some Thiel cs2.4's that are loving the Cardas Microtwins and how they tame the bright highs but they tend to downplay the bass. Is there a Cardas cable interconnect that plays the highs like the Microtwin but gives me back the bass I get from other interconnects I have without breaking the bank? I need to run 1 meter and I'd like to keep the cost under 500 bucks. I do have the option to go XLR and I'd stick to the Microtwins if Id thought going XLR would give me more bass, but I'm not sure it would a difference.
Well I answered my own question. I upgraded to the Cardas clear light in XLR configuration. amazing is the only word to discribe them.
Cardas Quadlink is next in line and good stuff. Quadlink has good bass. I have both Quadlink and Microtwin. I find Cardas cables to be musical.