Need upgrade, sell the B&W 602 and get a tube amp?

I have a HT with B&W 602s in front and 300s in rear (6.1) with a Dennon 2802. I don't like the sound. I am considering adding some clean power and changing the speakers if needed. Would like to spend a net of less than $2k. I apreciate your help
If you listen to music more that watch movies, sell the Denon and get a Rogue Tempest Magnum Integrated. The 602's are good speakers for a fair size room. Also, what is your source?
Focus on the amplification more than the speakers. If you borrow a better amp to try, you will find those B&W sound better than you think. If you're using cheap cables and wires, replace them also.
The source: Panasonic 91- nice unit with separate outs for music audio. Using OK connects and 12ga stranded speaker wire.
Look into a mellow/smooth interconnect.(Van den Hul D-102 III.) Also, if the 2802 has metal jumpers from pre to main in, consider replacing those also w/VDH. Will tame the harshness. Also, find a "Straightwire" retailer. Try out some Quartet spk. wire. They would probably loan you a set
to try out. Excellent wire at a very affordable price. If that doesn't do it, consider a spk. or amplification change.
IMHO, I don't think you'll go wrong with the VDH interconnects and you can most likely try out the spk. wire
on a loaner basis. Hope things work out. Bill
With 2K you could do tonnes of good things with this system. I'm not sure what your priorities are when it comes to 2 channel vs HT percentages, but I can only say that money spent on some good cables like some Virtual Dynamics Audition speaker and IC's will make a world of difference. But before before upgrading cables and revealing the nasties, please upgrade the Amp and source. Your problems will be solved with some half decent tube amps like the Rogue 88's which can be had for $800 on Audiogon sometimes. Please let us know what you do most with your system, or what kind of sound you'd like to get out of your upgrades.
This is primarily HT. The sound on movies is even a bit harsh. This all started of course when I heard a tube amp'd pair of Opera spkrs ($2500, tweeked set up at Stereo Unlimited). I would like a smoother sound out of the flix. I am starting to think that I should consider upgrading the reciever to something like a 4802 or Onkyo 9.1 and changing the front spkr wires.
Truthrider, that is a fair assessment. Be sure to audition them in your system if possible. Cables will also make a world of difference.
Wondering at what point it makes more sence to go with separates. I have heard that the 4802 (and similar) are not cost effective.
Went with a Sunfire TGII and Sherbourn 5/1500. Quite a difference. We don't need to run it as loud to get the details. Very nice
Dont ever think of B&W again !!!! Yes OPERA speakers are great. I recomend you OPERA!!! But with tubes work great and you need good cables too. Like Yamamura
Suggest you investigate the AH! LS Noise Killer. This is a $50 filter you connect to the tweeter terminals of your loudspeakers. It effects a slight roll off of the highs, which can work well with a metal dome tweeter. I have B&W DM602S2 and found the AH! Noise Killer to work nicely with them. Suggest you read the reviews over at and see what you think.