Need upgrade info for my Atma-Sphere Novacron Amps

Many moons ago I had the schematics and instructions to mod and upgrade my Novacrons. I have since moved, and have found all the parts I ordered, but not the instructions. Does anyone have these instructions available as they are not online anymore. I remember one part was to put resistors from the output tubes?... HELP!
Ralph of Atma-Sphere is a member, I am sure he will chime in any moment. If not you can look him up in the member directory.
Cabeau, I'm guessing that you had the old kit assembly instructions, and they have never been online! We still have that stuff on file- it never made it to electronic format. Email me and we can sort this stuff out. There are a few tweaks that are not in any of that documentation...
Congratulations on having those amps! I've always considered them among the best looking amplifiers ever designed.
Thanks, Trelja! They are beautiful and right now they are sitting in my closet (They've been there for a long time... like seven years!) and I just won a VTL TL 5.5 PH preamp on eBay and it has balanced outputs. I need to get it going again.
Anyone else using a Atma-Sphere and VTL combo?