Need upgrade from Denon 1520 and better DAC

  Currently running the Denon 1520 CD player as transport and cheap DAC.With the price of upgrading both wouldn't I be better off getting a newer player used or new with much better Dac  at under a grand or look for separates?
What are you planning to use the new gear for, spinning CDs only, or CDs plus other digital formats like streaming digital files from a server or computer?  If the former, you could get away with a very good used Redbook CD player, and life would be simple.  If the latter there are a lot of options but no need to list here if unecessary.
 Redbook CD's a few sacd but it must be able to play CDR's as I record records off my Alesis masterlink also.My Denon sounds good with recorded LP's from Alesis but commerical redbook CD's not so much.
SACDs.  You need a universal player/transport in your chain.  I would suggest a used Oppo 105 or 105D.  You don’t need all the video elements, but it has good two-channel DAC.  Can be had for under a grand. All needs in one box.  Another choice is used Arcam CDP or universal player that handle all three formats you suggest. Again, one box solutions, could find for less than $1k

look into a Denon CD/SACD player if your enjoy its house sound.
Happy Listening!
Arcam CD37, CDS27 or UDP411.

Cambridge Audio universal player also possible choice.
Denon 3XXX or 5XXX universal players are a possible solution, although have not heard those in long time or compared to current or recent crop of uni players mentioned already. In any case older better Denons could at very least serve as solid universal transport matched with modern DAC.
 Thank you for all your input.I'm leaning toward an Oppo.My Denon 1520 is well built and reliable.I wish I could A-B it with other DAC's and an Oppo and the other's mentioned here.
My quick response on sound of various brands listed:

Oppo 105/105D - really clear upper registers, good spatial representation, decent bass

Arcam - bit warmer mids, voices. Good treble extension and bass, but maybe not the nth degree of sparkle and spatial info (except CD37 which is boardering on high end sound - for two channel probably the best of all listed.)

Cambridge - in between Oppo and Arcam, but closer to Oppo (because they might have the same essential guts but Cambridge voiced a little differently, it’s British!).

Denon - probably haven’t heard one of these in over ten years, no insights here.

The Oppo would be a good choice. Buying used you could try it and resell without great loss if not your cup of tea. Could also repurpose as kick butt Bluray player if you wanted.
  Thank you Knownothing for your reviews of those above.Oppo appears to be the clear choice for me from what you describe.It's incredibly difficult to hear a piece of gear one wants.I wanted to hear the new Bryston 4B3,called authorized dealer,sorry we don't stock any but can order one.I ended up buying a used one after reading many actual owners posts and input.
Oppo works works easier if a video monitor is attached, particularly for outputting DSD from SACD or playing usb sticks, so I would budget for a monitor.  I use a 19 inch Samsung that cost about $80.
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