Need upgrade advice

Well, this is the year of the speaker upgrade for me! My old trusty KEF 104/2s are ready. I currently have KEF Reference 104/2s, KEF 100 center, KEF Q surrounds. Velo 12" Sub. I'm looking to spend as much as $8K for the main pair. Since I've been a KEF guy for some time, I will definitely audition the KEF reference 205s. I originally purchased the KEFs because I love the mid-range of these speakers. However, I was recently in a HT store and listened to a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Pianos. These speakers sounded fantastic and I could really tell the difference in how tight they were compared to my old KEF 104/2s. Heck, they are even "cheap" in what I was thinking of spending. I will also be listening to the SF Cremonas. On the audio side, I have a Sunfire TGIII and Sunfire Grand 5 channel amp. Will use about 50/50 music and HT, but would like to lean to the Music side. I'm going to be taking my time in auditioning many speakers before deciding. Help me make a list! Thanks. SJ
Legacy Audio Focus 20/20
I own kef 104/2 before, i agree with you its time to
upgrade. Have you heard the andra eggleston speakers
$15,000 new, use as low as 7k,well built and sound
unbelievable.IMHO this speakers will smoke the sonus
faber you mentioned.Martin logan oddyssey are also
good. dynaaudio.
I have not heard the andra eggleston speakers. Can't even say that I have heard of them! I have heard some Martin logans, but can't tell you which model. At this point, I'm just making a list as I know it will be a long process. I think it took me at least 4 months to purchase my original KEFs. I'm starting to compile a standard assortment of CDs, SACDs, and DVD audio/videos that I will use when I start visiting..... SJ
I love my Sonus Faber Grand piano homes, they are soooo "musical". I'm told the Cremona's are even better. I don't agree with them being smoked by the oddyssey's or by dyn's. For me it's the exact opposite. Go listen for yourself.
I was shocked when I heard the SF Grand Pianos. They put some jazz on for me, and I almost bought them on the spot! I have never heard such a "musical speaker" before. This is what made me realize that my old KEFs were ready to be replaced. The store is getting the Cremonas in soon. I'm going to go listen them. SJ