Need under $1500 preamp for my system

I listen to classical and jazz. I like nuance and warmth. I have...

Aerial 10T’s - Speakers
Parasound Zone Master 2350 - Power Amp
Music Fidelity X-ray (has coax digital out) - CD player

...and I need a preamp under $1500. I am considering streaming, but also have plenty of vinyl, (and an inexpensive turntable, which I also might upgrade.) I am considering the Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre, but would love other recommendations as well. Also having a built in tuner might be nice.
Second on the Parasound great products at fantastic prices. This is loaded with features.
Does anyone like the Rogue preamps?
Find a CJ PV preamp these are a nice sounding tube preamp and some models have a nice MM tube phono built in, these can be bought for less than your budget.
The Modwright preamp comes w/ phono if you pay for it. There is always buy the line stage now, add the phono section later. Another great choice is the Audible Illusions 3A w/phono. I had a 2A for about 16 years and then a 3A w/ John Curl Gold phono for another 6 years. I had to spend about 4 times more to get a noticeable difference when going to separates. The 2D was the best piece in my system for all of the 18 years--finally started to get other parts that were as good then. The AI preamps are lucid, transparent, with good bass and will also a LONG time. I have had Modwright CD players for the last 11 years. Dan Wright is a true stand up guy and will treat you right even if you both his stuff used. I have nothing but good things to say about him. Haven’t tried his other electronic components, but they have very good reviews, as does the Audible Illusions. The AI 3A was the Best Buy in all of audio brand new and still stacks up very well with most any combo of separates. You can get a 3A used for about $1100-1400 depending on the condition. Add $300 if you want the JC MC phono section rather than the MM. The AI does not have a remote--never as issue to me, but it is for some. I never regretted owning the AI’s. Do buy their recommended tubes as other have a tendency to fail early. I had sets of 4 average over 7 years each. Tubes in my MW CD players have never worn out either in 4 years or more.


Rowland Capri, phono stage is an optional user installable option...