Need Tweeter for Revel Performa F30


Just got a use pair of Revel Performa F30. One of the tweeter has been damaged by my three yrs old boy. I want to know where I can find a new or use tweeter for this speaker.

Thank you

Ethan M
Try Revel.
I don't understand why you would become a member here just to ask this question instead of contacting Revel.
Thanks Roxy54, I contacted Revel and they do have them. The new tweeter is on its way. Now, I just need to find grills for it.
Ethan, I think what Rrog meant to say was welcome to Audiogon.
Grills were an extra cost option. I think they ran about $250. I happen to have bought the grills and usually leave them on because of the presence of wandering hands in my home. I was always afraid my kids would throw toys in the port at the rear of the cabinet and fit all I know, it's happened