Need tube preamp suggestions for Meridian G07 amp

Hi 'goners-

I'm thinking of picking up a Meridian G07 200w amp to power my Sonus Faber Cremonas (punch and bass), but would like to add tube dimensionality and air.

I was thinking of using a tube preamp, but not sure which brand/model would bring the amp/preamp/speakers into synergy. Has anyone matched the G07 with a tube pre with success?

I'd like to buy used/demo and can spend up to $2K.
My second thought is to use a top quality integrated if you have any suggestions.

Any recommendations?

Many thanks,
-Bob R
Why the G07? Unless you are talking about a source component or possibly a processor, Meridian components usually stay in an all Meridian system. If you don't have it yet and are willing to consider an integrated, you would probably like a BAT 300. It has 3 preamp options; 1 SS and 2 tube. If you can find a good used one in your price range, I think it would be really hard to do better.