Need tube amp suggestion VT100,MB-125,Cary V12

I just got my first taste of tubes and the wife and I just love them. I would like to purchase a tube amp to drive my Proac 1.5's. Currently they are being driven by an older Sonic Frontiers SFS40 that is a little bit underpowered (but not by much)
Problem is there are sooo many types of tubes and amps available that I don't know where to begin. I know that Audio Reasearch VT100 is a popular choice but I'm really drawn to the sound of the EL34's that I'm afraid that it may sound a bit more "transistor" having a differnt tube and circuit topoplogy.
The VTL MB125's are also in my price range but it seems that people think they don't have enough power. They MUST have more power than the SFS40, wouldn't they. I do like the idea of these amps because of the cage. Sorry but kids may be on the way soon.
I also simply love the look of the Cary V12 (but no cage), apart from having no cage how would this compare to theVTL's or ARC.
On the used market these products seem to run about the same price, but after hours of researching on these forums I can't seem to get any idea. There is no local ARC or VTL dealer and I wouldn't really want to bother anyone if I'm looking for used anyway.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance
I don't know exactly what your budget is but if you can afford it the VTL MB-185 Signitures are a great pair of monoblocks. They put out either 220w or 125w depending on tetrode or triode. I leave mine set at the 220w level and never push them. The sound is fantastic. Prior to buying these I auditioned Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, BAT, Cary, and probably a few others, these were the best balance, for my speakers. I would suggest that you go to a dealer and demo the amp you are thinking of with Your brand and model of speaker, it makes a big difference.
My vote is for the VTL's, I have the MB-125's and they have plenty of power.... I've run them into Martin Logans (about 87db efficient if I remember correctly) , also into Audio Physic Tempo 3's (90 db efficient) and am currently running them into Silverline Sonata 2's (95 db efficient) and they were all handled easily by the 125's in small (13 x 17) and moderate (13x 20) sized rooms.Granted these were not difficult loads and obviously not large rooms, but they sure sounded great and never ran out of steam for me. They can also be run in triode at the flick of a switch for half the power but a bit richer character, depending on your tastes at the time. A great value on A'gon at half list ($3500) typically seen from $1500 - $1800.... "I love em". Good luck.
I run a Cary v12. It has gobs of power + headroom. So much so that I always run in triode mode (50wpc). I had an 80 wpc tube integrated before I got the V12, and the 50wpc V12 triode seems to provide a lot more punch than my previous amp.

The amp does look very cool and it does sound very very good.

I have had problem with the Cary though. It died on me and took Cary almost two months to fix it. I spoke to their tech and I know that they delayed shipping more than 10 days AFTER it was fixed. I bought it new 8 month ago and they didn’t seem to give a damn that I was without sound. I was less than happy about that.

Needless to say I won’t buy any of their products again.
I have never had any problem with Cary service. I really love my V12R. It was originally a V12i, but I got Cary to upgrade to an R. It didn't take them a week, but I didn't wait for shipping since I am in the RTP area and delivered amd picked up myself. I did bring it in one day at lunch, and Dennis Had determined it had a bad EL34. He replaced it free.I didnt loose time from work, and got to see Dennis run tests and educate me in his own workshop off his office.
Thank you for your interesting replies. I also like the look of the Rocket 88. A pair of them would probably be nice in the vertical biamp method. Not sure about the power though. I found out that the Proacs are 88db sens.
I second Claud's comments - nothing but excellent service from Cary and the V12R is superb (also upgraded from i to R).
If you like one big amp, go with Cary V12R. It has more than enough power in 50wpc triode mode for my more difficult to drive B&W N804s. If you want to save some money, but loose the 100wpc ultralinear mode, get the AES( Cary too) Six Pack monos at $2400. The circuits are the same or similar to the Cary "R" models. Check with Upscale Audio and Audio Connection. If I didn't have my V12I already, that would have been my choice.