need transparent hi-rez powerful integrated

I'm looking for a hi-end but somewhat affordable integrated amp in $2000-$2500 used. In my present system,
I have a JAS Audio Array 2.1 (805/300B) which I use to drive the midbass,midrange, and tweeters in my custom speakers (these are similar to Legacy Focus using Eton drivers). I also have a Consonance Calaf which drives the 2X12" NHT woofers per speaker. When I want to push the spl's or have heavier, denser music, I will run the Calaf full range. My source is a Consonance SACD 2.0. I plug these into a PS Audio P-600. (If I'm using the JAS, then I plug the Calaf into the wall).

This setup is quite good but, I'd like to simplify. I don't want to crawl behind the rack and swap cables and I'd like to get away from a full tube amp (and the heat and lack of a remote control). Sound-wise, I really don't have any complaints. NOW, audio gurus, what I am hoping to find is one (or a pair such as the Pathos Classic Ones)
amp(s) that has power and control (the speakers are quite efficient/mid 90's spl/1W), is HIGHLY resolving with exceptional focus, and is VERY transparent. My speakers already walk a fine line between detail and brightness so
that must be considered and the Eton metal dome mids can get aggressive with the wrong component/cable/recording; nothing too mid-forward. I'm quite happy using a hybrid amp but, as I've mentioned, I don't want a full tube amp any longer.

Power cords are Fusion Audo Enchanters, IC's are Creative Cable Concepts 12.0, and I have wired the speakers inside and out with Anti-cables. I have removed the speaker binding posts and connected these directly to the crossovers.

Please keep in mind that I wish to spend about $2000 (or less) but may be able to spend $2500 reluctantly. Thanks so much for your help.
IF you could find a used Lavardin IS Reference somewhere,it could be the answer to your prayer.... If you can't I suggest you wait and really look around.

If you really can't,any of NAIM intergrated will not dissapoint you either IMO
You might also want to consider the 200 wpc into 8 ohms and 400 wpc into 4 oohms Krell 400xi. Used pricing is usually in the $1,500 to $1,700 range. However, it does run very hot so it will need plenty of ventilation. If you are interested in a Krell 400xi, make certain that the seller has a sales receipt from an authorized Krell USA dealer. The warranty on a Krell is always non-transferable (unless purchased from a Krell authorized dealer) but Krell is generally reluctant to support so-called gray market merchandise that may have been brought into the United States from other countries. Good luck!
Another option is the PrimaLuna Dialogue II. It's a 35 watts power amp that sounds more like a 200 watts power amp. There is one here right now.

excellent build

excellent re-sale value

excellent near tubelike sound, but with bass authority

very powerful, will drive just about anything

intimate sounding, and has the tone controls to help out if you want to adjust something or bypass them

Gets you away from tube worries

Also probably one of the most horn and metal driver type speaker friendly Solid State devices in the business

right in your used price range

And there are normally quite a few dealers available in most areas, you could audition one for a taste before buying here used or wherever and they are a huge company with support not all based overseas
CrySLI80 great amp
These are some interesting options so far but let me stress the transparent aspect. The JAS is clear as a bell and liquid
too. I briefly used a SIM Audio I-5 LE and was appalled by the opaque quality of sound. The Calaf is really quite good easily besting the SIM but, it sounds uninvolving compared to the JAS as well. The Lavardin seems interesting but the higher powered, remote controlled unit is out of my price range. I don't want a full tube unit. The JAS is really excellent, probably better than the Prima Luna and the Cary integrated. I just don't want to go with a full tube amp any longer. Thanks for the input so far. Please keep them coming. Does anyone have experience with bridged Pathos Classic Ones? Thanks again.
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Here's a system with the Pathos running dual mono. Doug may be able to give an opinion. Good luck.
I have considered the PS Audio GCC amps and would appreciate your opinion on them. I hear they are quite transparent and have very good detail but, they are a bit sterile. What do you say? Thank you.