Need to wire up my house

Hey folks

Im going to be buying a house here soon, and i need to run a bunch of cable in the walls, and im looking for reccommentations.

Here is the skinny. Im going to have 3 complete systems.

Right now, i have what i need for the "Living room surround"
This is going to be a typical living room setup, nothing fancy. KEF Q1's x5, a Denon 3803, and either my Deftech or a good Velodyne Sub.

I want to build a 2 channel system, which i dont have the parts for yet. Seeing as how i dont have enough room in the livingroom for a 7.1 setup, i will be using the surround back's from the DENON as a 2nd source to the loft, where i want to start building a 2 channel system. First off, i need good in-wall speaker cable. Once i get the amplifier, i will be swapping to RCA connects and using my Denon (downstairs) as a pre-amp. Once i get the money, i will get the pre-amp and will be able to wean the 2ch from the 5ch.

Also, down in the basement, (this will be a couple years later, once i get the basement finished) I will be working on building a theater. (Sconce lighting, projector screen, drapes, the whole nine yards).

The 2channel system and the livingroom HT will already have 1 set of speaker cables and 1 set of RCAs that can connect them.

I will probably run some RCA's down from the Denon to the baasement theater, as well.

So here i will be with a formal HT, a formal 2ch, and a casual livingroom HT.

If i want to somehow connect these to some type of a master control, im wondering if i shouldrun any other types of cable like some CATv or what not.

I know alot of you 'goners' are loaded, and im sure some of you have tried doing this before, and i was wondering if anybody had some tips on setup i can do in the beginning for wiring purposes before the house is built. I would just assume have ALL the wiring done before the house is finished, then i just plug and go untill everything is complete.

Any reccommendations on wiring? type of wiring? manufacturers?

Maybe you should run conduit, rather than wires, so that you can change your mind about wires from time to time, without tearing up your house.
Depending upon how much "remodeling" you might be doing, you can also opt for a baseboard molding profile that allows a hollow recess behind it. That can allow for runs around the periphery at least. Best option, however, is conduit with string to allow you to eventually pull just what you need...
The conduit idea is a good one. You can be sure that your decision can change whenever you want.