Need to upgrade but what to get need advice

I currently use a Yamaha RX-V2400 With a B&K Components Reference ST 125.2 Series 2 Power A Amplifier.I have Nht 2.5 speakers for l,r,(powered by the b&kamp)and audio center one center and 1.5 for my rears.the center and rears are powered with the Yamaha.I use a SA3 amp that powers my sub.i want to upgrade to either a pre /amp combo or just buy a av budget is around 1500-2000.ive looked at new marantz,nad,and rotel stuff.Any advice or suggestions on brands?
I've tried, many receivers the Marantz was my favorite for awhile until I got an Arcam avr400.
You might want to audition one.
Good luck
As I've stated before, I love Marantz products but their published watts/channel data in AVRs can be misleading. If you read the specs closely, they'll state the watts/channel/8ohms but "two channels driven". You can figure that in reality, 70% of that value would be achieved with all channels driven. Rotel and NAD on the other hand publish true "all channels driven" wattage specifications. Can't go wrong with either a Rotel or NAD AVR. I've finally gone to separates and absolutely love my current arrangement which is an Integra DHC-40.2 surround sound processor and the new Rotel RMB-1555 multi-channel amp @ 120 watts/channel into 8 ohms 20hz-20khz all channels driven. If you can swing separates, go for it.
What is driving the upgrade? What part of the sound are you trying to improve - 2 channel or 5 channel, music or movie? Or is just HDMI and the new lossless codecs?
I want to upgrade to a pre/amp combo my system I use it prob 80% music 20 % movies.i would like to find the best bang for the buck.ive been looking at the arcam stuff.but am I better off to find a 3 ch amp and a good pre amp or good with a av unit?what about XOR balanced capability.
I use it prob 80% music 20 % movies.
Considering that this is almost full time music listening, and part time movie watching, I would focus entirely on upgrading for music. Assuming music listening is stereo only, options could be,

1) Add a quality stereo preamp with a HT bypass to mate with the B&K amp
2) Sell the B&K and use a quality integrated amp with HT bypass
3) For CD listening, possible upgrade for the Cambridge

Now if your music listening includes all speakers, the above would not apply. So, if you care to provide more info about how you listen to music, strengths and weaknesses of current sound, it would be very helpful for recommendations.
I like the first option .i really like the b&k with the nht's.The only thing is the highs are a little bright I said if I go with a pre amp then I have to buy a amp to run my rears and center but if I go with a av receiver then I can run the rears and the centers off of that but would the av sound better so confusing ,I what to stick with nad,arcam,rotel or marantz.i have 2,000 to spend.....what would you do?

Happy to help and hopefully it won't be confusing. Option 1 in my previous post is just as stated. You add the stereo preamp to your current system. All speakers stay connected just as they are now. Currently the front preouts on the Yamaha are connected to the B&K. To insert the stereo preamp, you would connect Yamaha front preouts to the bypass input on the preamp, and the output of the preamp to the B&K. Then the CD player would connect to an input on the stereo preamp. To play CD's you would only use the stereo preamp, B&K, and front L & R speakers. As I said in the previous post this is stereo only. For movies, you use everything, and select bypass on the stereo preamp, then the system operates just as it does currently. Here is what the back of the stereo preamp would look like,

Questions? Just trying to make sure you understand since you said, "so confusing". Again, assuming this is the direction you want to go, what are all the sources you use for music listening? Do you want new or is used OK? Would you prefer solid state or do you want to try tubes?
I understand what your saying thought about doing a tube set up but first things first any suggestions on a good pre used pre amp .i have about 800 to spend
This can be a substantial crossroads which requires a solid goal in mind. Your already have two systems with a display in between speakers. In my experience I was never successful in eliminating the reflective and location restrictions of the displays affect on stereo imaging.

I was able to reduce the affect by positioning the display well back and up against the wall. Unfortunately, this affected the LCR HT speakers ability to provide good dialogue staging which I value in the HT experience.

For 80% music are you thinking a 5.1 Multi-Channel audio system that can support a Home Theater too, and or vise versa? Most likely five matched stand mounted speakers and a subwoofer/s. Keep in mind the matching speaker locations for multi channel music can be somewhat more critical than electronically room corrected home theater setup.

Or a two channel system using a pair of wider bandwidth floor standing speakers location optimized for a two channel sound stage supported by three or five satellite speakers designed by the same manufacture?

I would recommend keeping the two channel or multi channel audio system completely separate of the HT system? Taking your time and making upgrades to either system one piece at a time.

Vic, in my previous posts, I was very specific about music listening being stereo, 2 channel only, and Thirsty93 did not respond with an objection. The use of a stereo preamp with HT bypass will completely separate stereo music listening from the rest of the HT system.

I do agree that the positioning of video display and L/R speakers will affect stereo imaging. I have proved this to numerous friends by listening to some music, then cover the display with a blanket to reduce reflections, and listen again. One guy didn't have flexibility to move equipment, so he would cover the TV when he listened to music. Ideally, for 2 channel music listening, the least amount in between the speakers, the better. Thirsty93, I think it would be an advantage to try and get your L/R speakers slightly in front of the equipment between them.

Thirsty93, here is a tube preamp with HT bypass that gets excellent reviews, and within your price range,

Jolida Fusion Tube Preamp

Ironically, the back panel I provided in a previous post is this preamp.

BTW, I am not affiliated with Jolida in any way, but do have a close friend that uses some of their products and loves them. I do trust his ear as he is an excellent pianist, having taught piano in the past and played in the public for different occasions.
Thanks guys for your help.i always wanted to go tubes but don't understand the power ratings on these things.ive always heard good things about jolida and would entertain a pre amp and tube amp combo for a music only set up and use my avr for home theater.what would be a good pre amp amp combo new or used for 2000?

Adding the Jolida tube preamp to your system as previously stated should work great.

IMHO, your NHT 2.5i speakers are just not that suitable for a tube amp, although one could work. It would probably need to be at least 100w/ch which could easily exceed your budget.

NHT 2.5i specifications:
Impedance - 6 ohms nominal, 3.6 ohms minimum
Sensitivity - 86db

Tube amps generally work better with speakers where the minimum impedance only drops slightly below the nominal impedance. In addition to the impedance issue, when using a lower wattage tube amp, it would be best for the speaker's sensitivity to be at least 90-92db or higher.

As far as Jolida's products, the JD1000RC Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier would probably work well, and does have the HT bypass. Since this is an integrated amp (preamp and amp in one chassis) there is no need for a preamp, however new retail is $2700.
What do you guys think of this combo with my 2.5..McCormack RDL-1 pre amp and DNA 0.5 amp.i can use this for music and us my avr for home theater.will this combo be a noticeable improvement over my current one.

Just adding the RLD-1 for 2 channel music listening should be a very noticeable improvement, and should be somewhat easy since it has HT bypass. The DNA 0.5 is also a very nice amp, and if it is a basic model, it can be sent to McCormack for upgrades to be even better.
I own a Jolida Fusion pre. All tube. Would work well in system as describe by Tls49. They retail at $1300. Could upgrade the B&K amp at later date. Not saying I have a problem with the McCormack route, just responding to your interest in a tube pre. Enjoy.